Monday, November 17, 2008

A sinister flash of scarlet across the otherwise monochrome liberal-democratic spectrum of Australia’s corrupt system of rule

This one doesn’t need too much extra comment:

With 4 million Australians accessing pornography, The Australian Sex Party, says it has a real chance of winning seats in State and Federal parliaments.

Its platforms include a national sex education curriculum, reducing censorship, abolishing the Government's proposed internet filter and supporting gay marriage.

Party convener Fiona Patten [a former prostitute] says the internet filter would put the Australian sex industry out of business in five years.
(my emphasis)
The internet filter “would put the Australian sex industry out of business in five years”? Full steam ahead, then! Unfortunately that's probably a bit of an exaggeration though. When even the New South Wales State Premier The Hon. Nathan Rees M.P. can't or won't shut down a brothel operating illegally above his own electorate office and which Mr. Rees regards as a mere "inconvenience" (source) it's clear that the 'sex industry' is pretty well entrenched. And how’s the following for a nice piece of what must pass for logic among this corrupted pack of pimps and prostitutes:

The new party would advocate a national sex education curriculum, something other countries were developing, Ms Patten said.

"There's so much concern about the sexualisation of children, children being exposed to material. I would have thought our first action would be education."
(my emphasis)
Exposure of children to more sexual material is supposed to curb the sexualisation of children?!?

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David said...

"the internet filter would put the Australian sex industry out of business in five years.

That's just nonsense.

Ms Patten's former profession is known as the "world's oldest"; it predates the internet by quite a few centuries....

Indeed, as former President Reagen once quipped, Ms Patten's new profession, politics " supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."

Even destroying the computer, printing press, and whatever they used to make erotic lithographs would not stop people doing what the ancient Greeks and Romans did, and sodomizing themselves silly, and painting pictures of it on the crockery.

And what about the backs of public men's room cubicle doors? How's the internet filter going to get rid of the assorted filth that one can read there.

Indeed, Henry VIII himself probably met Anne Boelyn after a visit to the Royal privy, where he read on the back of the door "for a goode tyme wythe a comely buxom wench, get thee hither brynginge ye golde, and aske for Anne.."

Ha! Internet filters destroying the "sex industry"! Now I've heard everything!

Cardinal Pole said...
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Cardinal Pole said...

"Ha! Internet filters destroying the "sex industry"! Now I've heard everything!"

Yes, Ms Patten is certainly exaggerating. If only shutting down the 'sex industry' were as easy as imposing a mere internet filter!

[That deleted comment was mine; I clarified what I said and re-posted it as this comment.]

Anonymous said...

Heh! From their website:

“Sex is deeply rooted in the lives of all Australians.”