Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More evidence that too many people simply do not understand the pro-life cause

Remember when the journalist Ms Helen Pitt made the following bizarre comparison in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend magazine?:

[Mrs. Sarah Palin's town is] a place where guns and God are treated with equal reverence; where "right to life" applies to a foetus but not to a fawn.
(my emphasis,

And remember when the Canadian blogger MgS made the following ludicrous non sequitur?:

Speaking of those rights [of unborn children], what do you do when the mother dies in childbirth? Charge the infant with homicide? That's the logical extrapolation of your model of fetal rights
(my emphasis,

Now we have another piece of absurdity from abortion advocates, this time the tireless Mr. Lewis Winders at The Australian’s letters blog last Friday:

The ludicrous logical extension of your argument is that all of the trillions of children who could have been conceived throughout history should have been conceived, because they have a “right to life”.

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