Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mr. Pearson on H.H. The Pope’s recent comment on condoms,25197,25252281-5013596,00.html

Mr. Christopher Pearson had some interesting things to say in his column in last Saturday’s Weekend Australian. You’re probably already aware of Harvard-affiliated Prof. Edward Green’s support for what the Holy Father had to say so I won’t reproduce Mr. Pearson’s quotations of the professor, but you might not have heard about what’s contained in the following extracts:

Matthew Hanley wrote in the journal of the National Catholic Bioethics Centre, Philadelphia, on March 23 about high-level suppression of inconvenient evidence.

"An exhaustive review of the impact of condom promotion on actual HIV transmission in the developing world concluded that condoms have not been responsible for turning around any of the severe African epidemics. This rigorous study was originally commissioned by UNAIDS (the Joint UN Program on HIV-AIDS) and conducted by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco.

"Instead of welcoming the findings and adapting HIV prevention strategies accordingly, UNAIDS first tried to alter the findings and ultimately refused to publish them.

"The findings were so threatening to UNAIDS that the researchers were finally forced to publish them on their own in another peer-refereed journal." (See Norman Hearst and Sanny Chan in Studies in Family Planning, March 2004.)
Puts The Lancet’s recent editorial on His Holiness’s remark in perspective, doesn’t it?

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