Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Meney on the N.S.W. Parliament's same-sex adoption inquiry recommendations


Last Sunday’s Sydney Catholic Weekly had a brief report on the N.S.W. upper-house same-sex adoption inquiry’s recommendation in support of same-sex adoption, with remarks (in the Weekly report) from Mr. Christopher Meney, the director of the Life, Marriage and Family Centre for the Archdiocese of Sydney and a participant at the Inquiry’s public hearings:

[…] Mr Meney believes adoption in NSW is “in grave danger of being used as a mechanism for meeting a rights-based agenda so as to satisfy an activist minority”.

“Given the small number of children regularly available for adoption in NSW every year we should be placing them in family situations which will give them the opportunity to benefit from the complementary contributions of a father and a mother.”

He said the proposed requirements for faith-based adoption agencies to be compelled to refer same-sex couples agencies willing to facilitate such adoptions “appears to be an intentional attack on those faith-based agencies”.

“It would require them to either act against their strongly held beliefs by co-operating in the placing of children in homosexual households or to cease being a provider of any adoption services.”
Inevitably the degenerates who favour the madness of same-sex adoption will try to paint the Church’s opposition as ‘homophobia’, ‘religious bigotry’, ‘fundamentalism’, whatever, but when even an ardent secularist and feminist like the journalist Ms Naomi Wolf can see that respectable scholarly literature tells us that

it serves everyone for men and women to share their sometimes different but often complementary strengths - a conclusion that seems reassuring
and that
men tend to rear children differently from women for similarly neurological reasons, encouraging more risk taking and independence and with less awareness of the details of their nurture. One can see the advantages to children of having both parenting styles.
[both quotations from
it is clear that this is not a matter of Ecclesiastical law, but of what intuition suggests, natural reason proves and empirical findings confirm.

I found it interesting that Mr. Meney observed that the Inquiry’s recommendation for compulsory referral by religious adoption agencies of children to secular agencies when same-sex couples are involved “appears to be an intentional attack on those faith-based agencies”. Given the renowned bloody-mindedness of the Sodomite’s League I’m reluctant to give its enablers the benefit of the doubt, but I suspect that the referral recommendation is more a matter of the pro-proposal Inquiry committee members (except perhaps for the Green member of the Inquiry committee, Ms Sylvia Hale M.L.C.) lacking the knowledge of ethics to understand the strict conditions in the absence of which it is impossible to co-operate in evil, and which are likely to be absent here. As for the potential response of religious adoption agencies to demands for referrals, I think that a spot of civil disobedience would be in order.

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Feast of St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Confessor, Doctor of the Church, A.D. 2009

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