Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ms Joseph on gaymarriage

A very good article by Ms Mary Joseph, who works for The Archdiocese of Sydney’s Life, Marriage and Family Centre, answering some Frequently Asked Questions about gaymarriage (sic) appeared in the Sydney Catholic Weekly some time in August, if I recall correctly, and I have found an on-line copy (follow the link at the top of this post). The article’s very good indeed (I only had some minor objections to it, and more to do with style than substance) but it hasn’t appeared on CathNews or even in last month’s or this month’s Life, Marriage and Family Centre e-mail bulletin, so I thought that I’d take the opportunity to bring it to a wider audience.

(I was going to quote and comment on some of the highlights of the article in this post, but as I read through the article again it was clear that that would be too difficult, since the whole thing is very much worth reading, and the article isn’t all that long anyway—only two P.D.F. document pages—so just follow the link and read it.)

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Louise said...

Thanks, Pole, I'll check it out. I know Miss Joseph personally - she is a sweetheart.

Cardinal Pole said...

"Thanks, Pole"

You're welcome Louise.

Regarding Miss Joseph's title--originally I was going to publish this post under the heading "Miss Joseph on gaymarriage", but when I Googled her name in order to find out whether she was actually a Mrs., I found a link to a submission from her for some Government inquiry, where she was listed as 'Ms Mary Joseph'. Does she actually go by "Miss"? (I'll be glad if she does--I only use "Ms" with great reluctance!)

Louise said...

I'm not sure what title she prefers, herself, having only been introduced to her in the usual informal way. She is probably a pretty traditionally minded person.

Louise said...

The biggest problem with "Ms" (apart from being completely artificially coined) is that it is aurally very ugly!

Cardinal Pole said...

"[The title 'Ms']is aurally very ugly!"

My sentiments too, Louise. Two consonants in search of vowel; who thought that'd be a good idea?!