Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Msgr. Migliore on freedom of conscience and religious liberty

At the Angelqueen forum I found this:

After discussing the Holy See’s track record in the area of interreligious dialogue, Archbishop Migliore pointedly reminded those assembled that it is far more important for the UN to promote religious freedom than to discuss the role of religion in international conflicts. “Having in mind the spirit and the word of the UN Charter as well as core juridical instruments,” he said, “it is safe to say that the United Nations' specific and primary responsibility vis-à-vis religion is to debate, elucidate and help States to fully ensure, at all levels, the implementation of the right to religious freedom as affirmed in the relevant UN documents which include full respect for and promotion not only of the fundamental freedom of conscience but also of the expression and practice of everybody's religion, without restriction.
Here are some other quotations: Condemned ex Cathedra:

the best plan for public society, and civil progress absolutely requires that human society be established and governed with no regard to religion, as if it did not exist, or at least, without making distinction between the true and the false religions.
[Quanta cura, Encyclical of Bl. Pius IX,]
Condemned ex Cathedra:

the best condition of society is the one in which there is no acknowledgment by the government of the duty of restraining, by established penalties, offenders of the Catholic religion, except insofar as the public peace demands.
Condemned ex Cathedra:

liberty of conscience and of worship is the proper right of every man, and should be proclaimed and asserted by law in every correctly established society; that the right to all manner of liberty rests in the citizens, not to be restrained by either ecclesiastical or civil authority; and that by this right they can manifest openly and publicly and declare their own concepts, whatever they be, by voice, by print, or in any other way.
Continuity or rupture?

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of the Dedications of the Basilicas of SS. Peter and Paul, A.D. 2009

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