Friday, January 1, 2010

Three (unrelated) tidbits: On intrinsic evil, Anglicans and the new National Liturgical Architecture and Art Board, respectively

Firstly, Happy New Year!, and I hope that you had a merry Christmas. Now in his latest Making Sense Out of Bioethics column (which I read in the Sydney Catholic Weekly recently), The Rev. Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk gave an interesting quotation:

Bioethicist Paul Ramsey put it well in suggesting that any man of serious conscience, when discussing ethics, will have to conclude that, “there may be some things that men should never do. The good things that men do can be made complete only by the things they refuse to do."

An interesting fact regarding the so-called Church of England was related in a recent British Daily Telegraph article (which I found first at Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog):

The Revision Committee for women bishops, after all, dropped proposals for legal protection for them in the wake of the Pope’s initiative.

The “them” refers to Anglicans opposed to ladybishops, and the “initiative” is, of course, Anglicanorum coetibus and its related provisions. Now the choice confronting Anglican traditionalists could no longer be any starker; surely this move by the Revision Committee would have to disabuse traditional Anglicans of the notion that Anglicanism can somehow accomodate those who uphold the doctrine of a male-only hierarchy.

Finally, the News from the November 2009 Plenary meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (December 4, 2009) mentioned the following:

On other liturgical matters, the Bishops voted to approve the establishment of a National Liturgical Architecture and Art Board which will concern itself with researching and advising Bishops and others who request assistance on the matter of ecclesiastical architecture and sacred art.
[p. 8,
(P.D.F. document)]

It will be interesting to see whom the Bishops appoint to this Board.

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