Friday, February 26, 2010

Okay, I'm back (for now, at least)

Well, I signed off on my previous post with the words
Enjoy your weekend. I'll be back on Monday, God willing.
but I should have said 'Enjoy the next three weeks', because it turns out that God was not willing! As a result of technical difficulties, I've been off-line for three weeks now. Annoying though that was, it is interesting to consider it while bearing in mind the fact that nothing happens unless God at least wills to tolerate it, and God will not--and neither should we--tolerate any evil unless He foresees averting some greater evil, or procuring some greater good, thereby. And I must say, being deprived of the internet for those three weeks was not without its benefits--it is a good way to start Lent, it let me catch up on other reading, and it provided a small spiritual sacrifice to offer up, and, when it occurs to me what a small, verging on trifling, sacrifice it really is, renewed my sympathy for those undergoing genuine hardships and reminded me of how fortunate I am. And who knows from what greater evils I have been spared by being off-line over that time? In all the vicissitudes of life, such reflections can move us to gratitude for what we might otherwise have borne grudgingly.

So, my internet access is now restored, but by a new mode--and a whole new computer--so expect teething problems, which means that my posting (and commenting, at this and other websites) might still be sporadic at best. On the other hand, I've entered the twenty-first century, going from my slow and, recently, unreliable dial-up connection to a shiny new A.D.S.L. one now, so if all goes well I might be blogging and commenting more than I have been recently. Bear with me, and ... God willing! ... I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime, would someone be so kind as to update me on the major Traditional/S.S.P.X. news items and blog posts of the past few weeks? I've caught up on mainstream happenings by reading that period's CathNews and Vatican Information Service e-mail bulletins, but trawling through three weeks' worth of archives for What Does the Prayer Really Say? and the Angelqueen forum would be too time-consuming. (U.R.L.s for any such stories would be particularly appreciated.)

Reginaldvs Cantvar