Friday, March 19, 2010

More liturgical dancing, this time in The Archdiocese of Sydney

And once again presided over by a Bishop, though not the local Ordinary this time:

Mass celebrates Lunar New Year

28 February, 2010
More than 1500 Vietnamese Catholics came together for a celebration of song and dance during a New Year’s Eve Mass to celebrate the Lunar New Year or “Tet” at Sacred Heart Church, Cabramatta, on February 13.

Fr Liem Duong, assistant priest at Sacred Heart, was principal celebrant, with Fr Patrick McAuliffe (parish priest at Sacred Heart), and Bishop Michael McKenna, Bishop of Bathurst, presiding at the Mass on the first day of New Year.

Fr Liem says the first part of the Mass included a “Thanksgiving to God” ceremony asking him for his blessing.

“We also honoured our ancestors, thanking them for our faith and culture, and we honoured the memory of the 117 Vietnamese martyrs,” he said.

"During the Mass, children wore traditional costumes and a traditional dance was performed during the offertory.

“At the end of the Mass, a dragon dance was performed to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.”

Another 12 Vietnamese Masses were celebrated across Sydney on the first day of the New Year.

There are 200,000 Vietnamese living in Australia with 43,000 of them Catholics. There are 16,000 Vietnamese Catholics living in Sydney.

Liturgical dancing during the Novus Ordo "Offertory"--talk about heaping infidelity upon infidelity.

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor, A.D. 2010.


matthias said...

My minister made a sarcastic comment only recenly about "Sacred" Dancing. Yes David danced before the Lord ,but i would envision it owuld be the manner of dancing that we see in the Orthodox Jewish celebrations. If this 'liturgical' dancing was anything like you can see on Hillsong's cabaret show/er service ,and of which a Catholic friend saw at a Pentecostal service here in Richmond then it is charged with sexuality,sensuality and therefore
not only infidelity but let's put it into the classification of Apostasy.

Anonymous said...

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V. Walter said...

Ah yes, liturgical dancing - another triumph for the "conservative" Cardinal Pell ...

Cardinal Pole said...

"Ah yes, liturgical dancing - another triumph for the "conservative" Cardinal Pell"

Speaking of His Eminence and Fr. Duong, I was interested to see the following entry in the Clerical Appointments item in last Sunday's edition of The Catholic Weekly (the following comes from the Sydney Archdiocese's on-line version of the item):

"Rev Liem Duong
"Cardinal's appointment
"Council of Priests
"1 Jan 2010"