Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facts and figures: On the increase in the regular availability of the T.L.M. in Italy

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In 2007, in an effort to bring the traditionalist elements of the Church back into the fold, Benedict issued a “Motu Proprio” declaration allowing wider use of the 1962, pre-Vatican II Roman Missal containing this prayer, which was previously restricted to small groups. Three years ago only 30 Italian churches were affected by that decision, as opposed to the 118 that regularly use the liturgy today.
If only Australia could boast of an increase like that.

Reginaldvs Cantvar,
Thursday in Easter Week, A.D. 2010


V. Walter said...

The Italian situation with the TLM is parallelled by that of Germany - the Paix Liturgique website has a recent report with statistics on the German case - and is actually bettered by that of France. There, of course, the sheer terror of the local episcopate at the prospect of an SSPX rapprochement ensures that diocesan TLMs are cropping up all over the place (though not nearly so much in Paris as elsewhere, thanks to the insufferably obstructive behaviour of Cardinal Vingt-Trois).

So in the three most politically important nations of Continental Europe, the TLM is doing pretty well, compared with, say, a decade ago. Unfortunately the situation with the Old Rite in other hitherto Catholic countries (Spain, Portugal, and even Austria) is still pretty dire, though whether it's anything like as bad as it is in Australia, I rather doubt. I gather that there aren't all that many TLMs in Poland either, if only because national devotion to John Paul II made the average Polish Catholic reluctant to countenance the Tridentine liturgy after 1988.

Cardinal Pole said...

Thank you for your comment, Mr. Walter.

More on those findings in Paix Liturgique: