Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Notes: Saturday-Tuesday, June 19-22, 2010

Wedding of T.R.H. The Crown Princess of Sweden and The Duke of Västergötland


I found this bit particularly interesting:

In what was considered a controversial and old-fashioned decision in Sweden, which is renowned for its liberal views, the Crown Princess, 32, was escorted down the aisle by her father, the King, rather than walking with her husband-to-be, which is customary in Sweden.

More information on the wedding is available at the official website of the Swedish Royal Court. May Their Royal Highnesses' union be a long and happy one. And may the Lord deliver the Swedish Monarchy from Protestantism, Freemasonry, and liberalism.

Mr. Wilson on the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War


Excerpt from a comment at AQ:

Guernica is one of the greatest myths of the 20th Century, while based on a true event: The bombing of the city during the Spanish Civil War; most of the "facts" as recounted in the official versions are pure fiction. Guernica was a city of military value, laying on the front of the Communist lines; the Luftwaffe did bomb some of the outlying portions of the town, causing little damage, but the Communist forces deliberately set fire to the town and planted dynamite charges in buildings to cause cause greater damage, in order to prevent it from falling in to the hands of Franco's forces intact (this is what they did in Irun, and what they were planning to do in Bilbao, but were here prevented by the Basque militias). This arson fire burned out of control and caused the death to the majority of the victims which numbered around 100 (not the thousands that the red propaganda machine would have you believe). The town could have been saved even then, but the fire fighting forces sent from Bilbao were under orders not to do anything to prevent the fire from spreading, so that it took over eight hours of the fires burning out of control for the town to be destroyed.
Pablo Picasso's famous painting was nothing more than a product of the artist's own imagination fueled by his Communist ideology and his sympathy and support for the Communist forces fighting Franco.

"Jordanes" on the Virginity of Our Lady


Excerpt from a comment at Rorate Cæli:

There is a long tradition connecting Mary to the Temple in Jersualem.

The tradition to which you refer tells us that Sts. Joachim and Anne presented their daughter and only child Mary to the Temple priests, who accepted her as one of the virgin handmaidens of the Temple who are mentioned in Judges (the story of the near annihilation of the tribe of Benjamin, whose survivors were permitted to abduct and marry the young women who served at the Tabernacle in Shiloh) and I Kings (the story of Phinehas and Hophni, wicked sons of Eli the High Priest -- his sons defiled some of the Temple virgins).

"Putin's demons"


From an article in a recent edition of The Weekend Australian:

Putin's demons

COMPARE that approach to Russia, where schoolchildren in St Petersburg have been given a prayer to say for PM Vladimir Putin, asking the power/s above to keep him safe from "demonic temptations". Putin has denied there is a personality cult growing around him. We suspect the same cannot be said for South Australian Treasurer Kevin Foley.

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of St. Paulinus of Nola, Bishop, Confessor, A.D. 2010


Matthias said...

Sorry Cardinal but many Lutherans regard themsleves as not being Protestants.In many lutheran publications I have read, i have seen references to Catholics ,Protestants and lutherans.
AS regards FREEMASONS ,my dad -staunch proddy and antipapist-which softened as he formed a friendship with a neighbour who was a Catholic- was equally antifreemason.
if you look at the current articles around the thwarted police investigation of the rape claims against two StKilda footballers,you can see an almost Freemason networking occurring.They also call upon a Baylonian god

Cardinal Pole said...

"many Lutherans regard themsleves as not being Protestants"

Yes, that is my understanding too, but as far as I'm concerned, if it's a product of the Protestant Revolt and holds Protestantism's two fundamental principles, namely sola Fide (sp?) and sola Scriptura (neither of which is in Scripture) then I don't see why it can't be classified as a branch of Protestantism. (Any Lutherans or non-Lutheran Protestants (or anyone at all, for that matter) are welcome to state their case in the combox here for or against, though.)

Cardinal Pole said...

Regarding the Swedish Royal wedding: There's a cute comment at a The Punch post on the event:

"john says: 10:36am | 22/06/10

"so the costs of personal fitness were so high, it was cheaper for a princess to marry her personal trainer?"

Cardinal Pole said...

Notice: There will be no Notes post today (since I haven't found any good subject matter for it).

Matthias said...

I wonder if Marshall Bernadotte had any idea that 200 years after he was offered the throne of Sweden-the House of Bernadotte -still remains ,albeit with the Monarch as FIRST CITIZEN and figurehead