Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Notes: Tuesday-Wednesday, January 18-19, 2011

1. "British gay couple turned away from B&B win discrimination case"

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2. Ms Tankard Reist on surrogacy

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3. "Abortion Has Caused 300K Breast Cancer Deaths Since Roe"

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4. Dr. Peters and others on the obligation on clerics to be celibate and/or continent

Dr. Peters has posted at his website a full, searchable P.D.F. version of his Studia Canonica article "Canonical considerations on diaconal continence” (previously only the abstract, which I have brought to your attention already in item 2 of this post, was available there):

Unfortunately I do not have time to read it yet, though.

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5. "Row over HIV health cash"


A BITTER row has erupted in Sydney's gay community after a group of prominent activists accused the state's leading homosexual health service of squandering millions of dollars in taxpayers' money.

Gay rights campaigner Gary Burns, HIV lobbyist Shayne Chester and journalist Peter Hackney have demanded the state government "demolish" ACON, formerly known as the AIDS Council of NSW.

The trio alleged the service, which specialises in HIV prevention, care and support, received $12.6 million in government funding last year but spent only $800,000 on programs and services. In a scathing attack, the group dubbed the organisation a "gravy train" and called on Premier Kristina Keneally to hand back ACON's work to NSW Health.

[...] Mr Chester said NSW had had high rates of HIV infection for more than a decade, and this was compounded by an increase in unprotected casual sex among gay men.

"Why is this happening?" he asked. "Because ACON, which is chartered with HIV education and prevention, is failing us."

[...] In NSW cases involving HIV infection peaked in the mid-1980s, with 1636 diagnoses reported in 1987. Since then rates have dropped dramatically, with 327 new cases recorded in 2009, although that is a slight increase from 323 in 2008.

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Cardinal Pole said...

Related to item 4:

"Sex and the Married Deacon"

That link leads to a sort of critique, by a "biblical scholar", of Dr. Peters's opinion. It is a strange critique, though, because, for one thing, it only adduces New Testament quotations which bear on the duties of Deacons; for our Biblical scholar, the Old Testament is, as far as the duties of Deacons are concerned, irrelevant. But the Priesthood of the New Law, of which Priesthood the Diaconate is a degree, is the fulfillment of the Priesthood of the Old Law, and the Sacrifice of the New Law, assistance at which is one of the duties of the Deacon, is the fulfillment of the sacrifices of the Old Law. And though the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass differs in some respects from the Old Law's sacrifices, it is the same in this respect: It is a true ritual sacrifice. And a ritual sacrifice requires ritual purity of its ministers.

Anonymous said...

Dr Peters' opinion has no basis in reality.

St Hilary, married bishop and church father, evinced his desire to father many children post-episcopal consecration.

Funnily enough, I was discussing this with a senior SSPX priest the other day, who, relying on the precedent of the early church, dismissed Peters' position.

+ Wolsey

Cardinal Pole said...

"Dr Peters' opinion has no basis in reality."

Dr. Peters's opinion has its basis in the literal and grammatical sense of the relevant canons of the Code of Canon Law, so I take it that you're saying that those canons have no basis in reality? And what, if I have understood you correctly, would be your basis for that?

"St Hilary, married bishop and church father, evinced his desire to father many children post-episcopal consecration."

Where did he evince that desire, and what other Church Fathers have evinced or at least approved of such a desire?

"Funnily enough, [you were] discussing this with a senior SSPX priest ..."

The old 'unnamed S.S.P.X. priest told me that ...' routine, eh? Shame on you.