Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Notes: Wednesday, June 22-Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1. A couple of items regarding women in the paid workforce

1.1 Mr. Thompson on several points regarding women in the paid workforce

Here is an excerpt from an article entitled "They have babies, pay them less" and which appeared on page three of the print edition of the Sydney Daily Telegraph on Friday, June 24, 2011:
Alasdair Thompson, chief execu-tive of the New Zealand Employers & Manufacturers' Association, also claimed women were less pro-ductive because they took career breaks to have babies.
"Why do they take the most sick leave? Women do in general. Why? Because once a month they have sick problems," Mr Thompson said during a live radio interview to argue against a law aimed at reducing the wage gap between men and women.
"The fact is women have babies, they take time out with their careers," he added, admitting his statements were "contentious".
[...] Mr Thompson later tried to hose down the controversy, apologising for his comments.

[dashes in the original, my square-bracketed ellipsis]
I wonder what the evidence is for whether women take more sick leave than men, whether, if they do indeed take more sick leave, it is because of women's problems, and whether maternity leave hampers women's productivity?

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1.2 Some facts and figures regarding women in the paid workforce and children in childcare

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2. Darwin on something which would invalidate his theory of evolution

This is an extract from a very small article entitled "Insights unveiled as Darwin's scribbles enter the digital era" and which appeared on page twenty-four of last weekend's (June 25-26, 2011) edition of The Sydney Morning Herald:
Darwin wrote alongside this: "If this ["that there were definite limits to the vari-ation of species"] were true adios theory."
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3. "Russian Orthodox Church to tinker with its liturgy"

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4. A couple of recent reported facts regarding the death penalty

4.1 "Since 1978, [Californian] voters have consistently opted to widen the capital punishment net so that the state now has the most sweeping laws in the country, with some 39 eligible crimes"

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4.2 "Australia ... annually co-sponsors a resolution of the UN Human Rights Commission that calls for all nations to abolish [capital] punishment"

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5. "A Bibliography of the Current Crisis in the Catholic Church"

That came to my attention via this AQ thread:

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6. "Liechtenstein archbishop in Mass 'boycott'"

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7. "Students get insight into Holocaust horrors"

This bit was particularly evocative:
This year three Santa Maria College students ... prepared a liturgical movement in response to ... Walter Rapoport, Chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews Victoria.
(In the Australian Conciliar church, "liturgical movement" means liturgical dance.) It brings to mind pagan dancing girls swirling around an idol of "The Holocaust".

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8. "Kremlin eliminates Putin challengers"

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Anonymous said...

It is misleading to say that women do not earn 'equal pay' as men. Of course women are paid prisely the same as men - it is just that when mothers take years out of the workforce to care for children, males earnings are naturally going to be slightly higher.

The articles posted showed that feminism is a never-ending force - first women wanted to be like men with the disclaimer that this would not mean that they work during a child's early years and now slowly but surely women are returning to the workforce when a baby hasnt even reached 1.

And what is the Church doing about it - like most things, absolutely nothing.

So sad.