Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Notice regarding changes to this blog's sidebar

Today I've changed this blog's sidebar, with an overall motive simply of making it more convenient for me. I've got rid of the distinction between endorsed and non-endorsed links, not because of any change in my attitude towards any of the websites in question, but simply in order to make the links section as compact as possible, confident that any new readers of this blog can work out my attitude towards those websites easily enough anyway. I've deleted links to websites which are updated too infrequently, or which I visit too infrequently, to justify linking to them. I've also put the "Gadgets" in a different order, and put the links within the "Links" Gadget in a different order; the new order is, roughly, the descending order of the frequency with which I use them. (The biggest exception to that rule is the first two links; although I don't use them often, I want them at the top of the sidebar as a signal of what I stand for.)

If there's something which you want from the old version of the sidebar which is not in, or is different in, the new version, then feel free to contact me for the information which you want.

Reginaldvs Cantvar

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