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Notes: Tuesday, March 18-Monday, May 5, 2014 (part 2 of 2)

7. "The Philippines’ highest court has approved a controversial birth control law"

The quotation in that headline comes from the article "Philippine court clears birth control law", no author credited (though the stated source is the A.F.P.), dated April 8, 2014, downloaded from The Sydney Morning Herald's website:


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8. On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the respective chief executive officers of the National Rugby League, the Australian Football League, the Australian Rugby Union, and Football Federation Australia and the executive general manager of Cricket Australia signed, on the initiative of the organisers of the Bingham Cup, a commitment to implement, by the end of August (August 31 is the last day of the Bingham Cup Sydney 2014 tournament), policies consistent with, but not necessarily embodying all the recommendations of, the Anti-Homophobia and Inclusion Framework for Australian Sports (which (Framework) was devised by the Human Rights Commission, Bingham Cup Sydney, Australian Sports Commission, Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, and the Human Rights Law Centre). That was the first time when the major professional sport codes in Australia—or, apparently, in any country—collectively pledged commitment to opposing discrimination on the basis of sexual disorientation. "In the evening, Her Excellency[ The Governor of New South Wales], as Patron, … hosted a Reception at Government House in support of the Bingham Cup Sydney 2014, Gay Rugby’s World Cup, and to acknowledge the signing" of the aforementioned commitment.

The quotation in that headline comes from the webpage "Wednesday, 9 April 2014" at the official Governor of New South Wales website:


These are the sources for the other information in that headline:
  • the article "Bigoted sledges in sport on way out", by Mr. Benedict Brook, dated April 10, 2014, downloaded from the Star Observer's website:
    Warning: The Star Observer is a publication of the Gay press, so beware of obscene images and text (though in fairness I acknowledge that one also needs to beware of obscene images and text in non-Gay media these days):
Labels: G.L.B.T., N.S.W., sport

9. How Mr. Carr accounts for the power of "the Israeli lobby": "party donations and a program of giving trips to MPs and journalists to Israel"

The quotations in that headline come from the transcript (under the headline "Bob Carr 'frustrated' by Israeli lobby and lack of First Class fares") of an interview between Sarah Ferguson and The Hon. Bob Carr, broadcast on April 9, 2014 on ABC1's 7.30, downloaded from the A.B.C.'s website:


(That interview came to my attention via this installment of The Australian's "CUT & PASTE" column.)

Labels: State of Israel

10. Fr. Zuhlsdorf on what the Conciliar church requires in order for one of its deacons to receive Traditional priestly ordination

See the blog post "ASK FATHER: Can deacons request ordination in Extraordinary Form?", by The Rev. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, dated April 3, 2014, downloaded from his Fr. Z's Blog:


Labels: Roman Curia, Summorum Pontificum

11. Liturgical dance still going strong in The Diocese of Wollongong

11.1 At two Masses for "all the Year 6 students from across the Diocese[ of Wollongong]", which (Masses) involved Msgr. Ingham and "a number of our diocesan clergy", "[m]any students carried out the various liturgical ministries as readers, servers, dancers, part of a procession, student musicians, choir and soloists."

The quotations, excluding my square-bracketed interpolations, in that headline come from the first item ("Bishop Peter celebrates with Year six students") of the "In schools" pages (pp. 24-25 of this issue; the quotations in question are on p. 24), no author credited, in Journey ("News from the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong"), No. 54, Summer 2013, ISSN 1835-7024, published by the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, available online here:


or go straight hither:


Labels: liturgical dance, liturgy, Wollongong

11.2 "Girls from St Patrick's, Port Kembla, have been invited to present the water, which will be blessed as the Easter water, in a liturgical movement at the Easter Vigil Mass at 7pm on 19 April."

The quotation in that headline comes from an item in the "DIARY" section of the weekly "VISTA2014" ("Upcoming Catholic Events") pages (pp. 20-21 this week; the quotation in question is on p. 20), compiled by Nora Jonkers, in the Sydney Catholic Weekly, April 13, 2014, Vol. 73, No. 4720, published by The Catholic Press Newspaper Company Pty. Ltd., apparently not available online. Note that, although the term "liturgical movement" can sometimes, especially in the context of the Easter Vigil, mean something other than a liturgical abuse, judging by the restriction of the participants to girls, "liturgical movement" is presumably used here in the same way in which I always heard it used during my time (early 1990s to early 2000s) in Wollongong systemic (nominally-)Catholic schools: That is, as another way of saying 'liturgical dance'.

Labels: liturgical dance, liturgy, Wollongong

12. Mr. South on the conditions formerly known collectively as Gay bowel disease

See his comment of 27.3.14 / 11pm in the combox of the blog post "Church Busters: A How-To Guide", by Mr. Bill Muehlenberg, dated March 26, 2014, downloaded from Mr. Muehlenberg's CultureWatch website:


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13. In the afternoon of Tuesday, 1. ult., H.R.H. The Duke of Kent "visited the Masonic Hall, St. Michael's Road, Newquay", England.

See the Court Circular—the source of the quotation in that headline—of that date.

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