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Notes: Thursday, December 1, 2016-Monday, April 17, 2017 (part 1 of 3)

1. Some changes to this blog's sidebar

Immediately before posting this part of this issue of "Notes", I added links to the Encyclopædia Britannica's website and to The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online to my "Reference links", to Campbelltown City Council's Libraries webpage and to The Catholic Institute of Sydney's homepage to my "Miscellaneous links", and to Dr. Gerard Henderson's Media Watch Dog webpage at The Sydney Institute's website to my "News and opinion links", and I removed from my "Blog links" the respective links to Magisterial Fundies (because it has not been updated in over two years) and to The Sensible Bond (because it's no longer available).

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2. Two (translations of) recent utterances by H.H. The Pope

2.1 "Vatican Council II tells us about the autonomy of things, of processes and institutions. There is a healthy secularism, for instance, the secularism of the State. In general, a secular State is a good thing; it is better than a confessional State, because confessional States finish badly."

The quotation in that headline is a translation of one attributed to H.H. The Pope in the transcript of an interview for the Dutch-language Belgian nominally Catholic weekly called Tertio, apparently contained in issue no. 878, December 7, 2016; the translation from which I quote is that which is contained in the Holy See Press Office's Daily Bulletin item "Interview with the Holy Father Francis for the Belgian Catholic weekly, “Tertio”", also dated December 7, 2016, downloaded from the Vatican's website:

Warning: Elsewhere in that interview, His Holiness used obscene language:

According to Inés San Martín's report "Pope Francis: media should avoid indulging popular love of smut" (December 7, 2016) at Crux's website, the interview was conducted in Spanish, The Pope's native language:

The Italian-language webpage for the aforementioned Bulletin item also indicates that the interview was in Spanish, and provides, under the headline "Intervista del Santo Padre Francesco al settimanale cattolico belga “Tertio”", what is presumably the text of the original transcript:

(The Spanish transcript is also available at the Spanish-language webpage for that Bulletin item, headlined "Entrevista del Santo Padre Francisco al semanario católico belga “Tertio" (sic—the headline lacks the second pair of inverted commas):

This is presumably the original Spanish of my quotation:
El Vaticano II nos habla de la autonomía de las cosas o de los procesos o de las instituciones. Hay una sana laicidad, por ejemplo, la laicidad del estado. En general, el estado laico es bueno. Es mejor que un estado confesional, porque los estados confesionales terminan mal.
The transcript does not seem to be freely available at Tertio's website.

Earlier in the translated transcript, His Holiness says that The Pope has "spoken about this with the French". I blogged about the interview to which His Holiness refers there in item 7.1.1 of this issue of "Notes", and since then I have learnt that an English translation of the text of that interview, apparently in full, is available at La Croix international's website under the headline "Interview with Pope Francis by La Croix", sub-heading "Christianity not a colonial enterprise", by Guillaume Goubet and Sébastien Maillard, dated December 26, 2016, here:

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2.2 "And then, since the ceremony is a bit long, some cry out of hunger. If that is the case, mothers, feel free to nurse your babies, without fear, as usual. Just as Our Lady nursed Jesus"

The quotation in that headline was attributed to H.H. The Pope in the Holy See Press Office's Daily Bulletin item "Francis baptises 28 children in the Sistine Chapel", dated January 8, 2017, downloaded from the Vatican's website:

That English-language Bulletin item was presumably a translation from the original Italian one, headlined "Santa Messa nella Cappella Sistina con il rito del Battesimo dei bambini":

An English translation of the full text of that homily is available here:

and what I presume is the Italian original is available here:

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3. "The lost history of the Freemasons"

The quotation in that headline is the headline of a story by Amanda Ruggeri, dated December 13, 2016, in B.B.C. Travel's BBC Britain series, downloaded from the B.B.C.'s website:

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