Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another example of the cynicism with which the Sodomites' League views the ordinary taxpayer


In The Sydney Morning Herod on Saturday there was an article on a 'gay war widower', Mr. Edward Young, who has succeeded in having the war widow's pension's extended to sodomites or, as the case might be, catamites. Mr. Young took his ignoble little 'fight' to the U.N., and

In September 2003 the UN concluded Australia had breached the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Mr Young was "entitled to an effective remedy, including the reconsideration of his pension application without discrimination based on his sex or sexual orientation".
Let's be clear, though: this was an example of discrimination based on sex, not on 'sexual [dis-]orientation'. And accordingly the reader is entitled to ask: was that a case of just or unjust discrimination? The answer is that it is perfectly just discrimination, because the rationale behind a war widow's pension is presumably that the deceased husband was the breadwinner, so it is perfectly reasonable to deny this pension to a 'spouse' who is himself a breadwinner. So in other words this is a case of gays winning superior rights, not just equal rights.

And in fact Mr. Young confirms my logic in the following charming remarks:

"I didn't really need the pension," he said. "I didn't even really want it. What I wanted was to take on the little man, [the former prime minister John] Howard, and fight."
What an obnoxious individual, providing another example, shortly after Ms Horin's recent article on gays complaining about receiving equal status with opposite-sex so-called de facto married couples, of the contempt in which the Sodomites' League holds the rest of us.

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of the Epiphany, A.D. 2009


Louise said...

Yep. They'll appeal to "democracy" and "community beliefs/standards" when it suits them, but laugh up their sleeves at us and take our money which they do not need, the rest of the time.

Anonymous said...

We really need to restore capital punishment for sodomy.

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