Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ms Summers on the limits of tolerance and inclusion


Ms Anne Summers had an article in The Sydney Morning Herod on Saturday in which she made the following curious comparison:

Then there was Obama's decision that staunchly anti-gay preacher Reverend Rick Warren perform the invocation at his inauguration. No matter that he is to be "balanced" by Reverend Joseph Lowery, a civil rights campaigner and pro-gay rights advocate, performing the benediction. Gay groups have to accommodate themselves to Obama reaching out to a man who repudiates their very existence. Would Obama reach out in the same way to the Ku Klux Klan? Aren't there limits to tolerance and inclusion?
(my emphasis)
I think we all know what the limit is, though: the limit is when one stops saying what the Sodomites’ League wants one to say and starts pointing out awkward facts, like the fact that sodomy is a pretty unhealthy activity, that sodomites are inordinately likely to suffer all manner of ailments, that they are inordinately likely to have mental problems and abuse drugs, and that they are inordinately likely to be violent towards their respective ‘lovers’. Once one passes that limit one can expect some high-calibre messenger-shooting, as Mr. Williams and Mr. Marsh learnt after their recent, controversial appointments as Men’s Health Ambassadors.

And what a preposterous comparison it is to invoke the Ku Klux Klan! Unless Ms Summers has evidence that has not come to my attention, Mr. Warren has neither called for nor been involved in the lynching of sodomites or the fire-bombing of gay bars, so the analogy is completely invalid.

Reginaldvs Cantvar
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Anonymous said...

Aren't there limits to tolerance and inclusion?

Yes. Those limits are at:

no-fault divorce, de facto coupling, adultery, fornication, abortion, artificial contraception, "euthanasia", "gay marriage", gender theory, feminism, communism, socialism , fascism, various other "isms"...

IOW, the limits of tolerance and inclusion are described by the Ten Commandments and not with the opinion of Ms Summers.

matthias said...

Ms Summers a well known advocate of the left libertarian philisophy. I read an excerpt from one of her books,once,and thought that this was the epitome of the darkness of the Australian soul,which is also reflected in many others of the unrepresenative literary and artistic elite

Schütz said...

Was her rant before Obama chose Gene Robinson for the Concert at Lincoln Memorial? That should have pleased her?