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the chief executive of the anti-abortion group Right to Life NSW, Chiang Lim, said the fact that the survey was conducted online meant it had to be taken with ''a bucketful of salt''.

''If you don't do it face to face with proper control groups you are not doing a proper survey.''

Pretender Archbishop of Canterbury approves "openly gay cleric" for Anglican pseudobishopric


Mr. Carr on Communists in the A.L.P.

The Hon. Bob Carr had an interesting opinion piece in yesterday's edition of The Australian. Here are some excerpts:

The revelation of dual [C.P.A.-A.L.P.] membership is rich in implications. They recast the political history of Australia from the 1950s to the 70s.

First, they vindicate the decision of a large part of Catholic Australia to veto the election of federal Labor governments by voting for the breakaway Democratic Labor Party after the Labor split of 1955.

Still something of a Labor romantic, I find it painful to squeeze this out, but it strikes me the DLP indictment of the ramshackle Labor Party led by H. V. Evatt and Arthur Calwell was mostly right.

A "pro-communist left wing" - you can hear Bob Santamaria enunciating it as one word - secured an elevated role in the ALP once so many Catholics withdrew and this Labor Left was led (or largely led) by figures who kept a dual membership in the Communist Party in their bottom drawers or pasted in the end piece of an unread Das Kapital above the family fireplace.

[...] From Aarons's book not just Whitlam but the whole ALP Right is elevated, the party members who did not take Santamaria's advice and walk out but who opted to stay in the ALP and fight. Their names should be recorded on some kind of honour roll. They include Laurie Short and John Ducker, and the secretaries of unions of carpenters, electricians and rubber workers now dead and forgotten, united in a view that the party of Curtin and Chifley was not to be packaged up and handed over to Marxist-Leninists and outright Soviet agents.

[my square-bracketed interpolations,

And here are some interesting comments from that article's comments section:

Keiron J Long Posted at 10:49 AM Today

Bob Carr is a tad selective in his newfound historical narritive (Thankfully, Whitlam and Co, July 5). The Catholics were basically driven out of the Labor Party by Evatt and his Commie mates who Bob Carr only now discovers controlled the ALP. Someone should tell Bob about the number of Catholics that lost ALP endorsement as parliamentarians because of their opposition to communism within the Labor Party. Just for starters, why don't we mention the State seat of Hawthorn in Victoria, held by a Mr Murphy, for Labor. Once Mr Murphy was cut down by the ALP the seat became a Liberal stronghold.
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corso cowboy Posted at 11:15 AM Today

So Bob Santamaria was right about the ALP after all? What comes out of this book is not to praise the "stay in an fighters" (as Carr does) but those who sacrificed their careers for principle and preferneced Menzies so ensuring that from 1954 - 1972 a Popular Front Government did not rule Australia.
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G of Perth Posted at 11:24 AM Today

What is the difference between the policies of the 1960's Labor left described in this report and the policies of the current Greens Party of today?
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See also these letters in today's edition of The Australian.

Blog comment by me:

At Mr. Hawkins's blog:

Cardinal Pole, on July 5, 2010 at 2:37 pm Said:

Clarify things? In those posts you don’t even define what rights, those posts’ very subject matter, are, let alone what marriage is.

Reginaldvs Cantvar


James said...

There's a certain irony in Mark Aarons deigning to tell the truth about Communist control of the ALP, since Aarons was himself for decades a Zionist-Communist goon who, along with the rest of his loathsome family, howled down Bob Santamaria and anyone else to the right of Pol Pot as "antisemitic".

I well recall how Aarons, W. D. Rubinstein, Isi Leibler, Sam Lipski, and suchlike (ahem) Irishmen led the Soviet-inspired campaign in Australia during the late 1980s and early 1990s, demanding endless prosecutions against so-called "Nazi war criminals".

One day, Aarons, it'll be payback time for you. Aarons, you've never shown a hint of contrition for your protracted obeisance to genocidal Marxism. Until you do, Aarons, we're never going to let you forget your infamy, however many books you publish.

Cardinal Pole said...

Thanks for your comment, James. One thing, though: Dr. Aarons is still a Marxist, isn't he? Didn't he publish a Marxist analysis of the so-called Global Financial Crisis?

Cardinal Pole said...

More on the matter of Communists in the A.L.P.:

Dr. Aarons responds to Mr. Carr:

Editorial in today's edition of The Australian:

Discussion at Cath Pews:

James said...

I didn't know that Aarons had published a Marxist analysis of the GFC, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. He's never stopped hating the Church, as his mendacious book Ratlines demonstrates. Thanks be to God, he and his fellow Zionist-Marxists cannot shut down the Internet, although they'd love it if they could.