Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Notes: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"MPs to debate same-sex adoption bill"

In today's Herald:

Debate on Clover Moore's same-sex adoption bill has been rushed forward to begin today, as supporters and critics ramped up their lobbying ahead of a conscience vote in the NSW Legislative Assembly which could take place this week.

[...] Ms Moore, the independent MP for Sydney, will reintroduce the bill today - one day earlier than initially planned - to include an amendment that allows faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to provide services to gay and lesbian couples without breaching anti-discrimination laws.

[... The Hon. David Clarke M.L.C.] accused the Premier, Kristina Keneally, who supports the bill, of allowing Ms Moore ''the fast track to get this through in the dying days of this Parliament before the next election''.


See also today's Tele:

At a rally against the Bill yesterday, Liberal Party powerbroker David Clarke and Christian Democrat Fred Nile warned abortions would increase if gay couples were allowed to adopt.

"Any mother putting up her baby for adoption would never imagine that their babywould be brought up by two male homosexuals or two female lesbians," Mr Nile said.

[...] Ms Keneally's former leadership rival Frank Sartor is trying to amend the Bill to ensure people who offer children for adoption will not face legal action under anti-discrimination laws if they refuse to let a gay couple adopt their child. ...


Some opinions on the merits and demerits of compulsory voting

"Tasmania recognises same-sex marriages"

Brought to my attention by Arabella at CathPews: Body of the A.B.C. article:

The Tasmanian Parliament has approved laws recognising same-sex marriages and civil unions registered in other states or countries.

Only three of the 25 Lower House MPs voted against the amendment to the Relationships Act - Liberal members Rene Hidding, Michael Ferguson and Jacqui Petrusma.

Attorney-General Lara Giddings says the changes will remove discrimination for same-sex couples in registered relationships.

"This is really a small step, but a significant and important step for those people who have registered or been through a civil union process elsewhere around the world and want us to recognise that relationship as indeed being in existence," she said.


"Prelate laments Italy’s population decline"

The AQ article contains a sad projection:

[Italy's] population is expected to decline by nearly 10% in the next four decades.

Msgr. Finn and Mr. Shea on the death penalty

See also

If I had time I'd do a full-length rebuttal of that piece, but unfortunately I don't.

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