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Notes: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism - South Bend, Indiana; Nov. 6"

"Saints' Books"

Free on-line versions of books by Saints and others (brought to my attention by this AQ post):
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"Coptic [Catholic] patriarch: Desire to divorce leads Catholics to convert to Islam"

I've left the following comment there:

The patriarch, for example, noted that Egyptian law leaves marital issues to the different religious bodies, allowing the Church to uphold the indissolubility of Christian marriage.
[my emphasis]

Is His Beatitude correct about the Church being allowed to uphold in Egypt the indissolubility of marriage?

In May [Egypt's highest] court ruled that because "the right to family formation is a constitutional right," no religious body can deny that right [to divorce and remarriage].

"Boniface" on Dei Verbum and Scriptural inerrancy

'Same-sex adoption Bill likely to pass in N.S.W. Upper House' (or by now, '... to have passed ...')

From yesterday's Sydney Daily Telegraph, page fourteen (there seems to have been no mention of this in yesterday's editions of the Herald or The Australian, though I'm not sure yet whether there is mention of the outcome in today's editions of either paper):
Gays legal vote

GAY and lesbian couples will be able to adopt children with legislation expected to scrape through in the NSW Upper House tonight. The Bill is likely to pass by a margin of three to five votes.
Upper House Greens MP Ian Cohen said new laws would allow same-sex couples who already foster children successfully to take the next step and adopt.
"I've seen many examples of wonderful children raised by single parents and gay parents," he said.
Popular T.V. show "sort of a gay Trojan horse", admits one of its stars

From an article, apparently not available on-line, entitled "Comedy hits the sweet spot", on Modern Family:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell): I'm very protective of Mitchell and Cameron, of their relationship. I would like to see them show more physical affection – we film scenes several ways, including kisses – but at the same time we're moving cau-tiously, because it's sort of a gay Tro-jan horse in people's living rooms.
[bold type and dashes in words which spanned two lines as in the original,
p. 6, Spectrum (Sydney Morning Herald supplement), September 4-5, 2010]

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Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, A.D. 2010

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