Monday, December 13, 2010

Notes: Saturday-Monday, December 11-13, 2010

1. "Israeli rabbis back ban on renting property to Arabs"

See also this AQ thread:

2. Mr. Muehlenberg on how legalisation of so-called gay marriage affects (adversely) people other than the gay 'husbands' and their respective 'wives'

3. A few interesting books reviewed/mentioned over the weekend

3.1 "In Your Face: The New Science of Human Attraction
"By David Perrett Palgrave
"Macmillan, 305pp, $42"

3.2 "Peter Leithart, Defending Constantine. IVP, 2010"

3.3 "Edward Feser, Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneway Publications, 2009)"
(also metioned in comments at the web-page linked in 3.2)

4. "AUSTRALIA'S culture of long work hours is putting at risk children's early learning opportunities"

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of St. Lucy, Virgin, Martyr, A.D. 2010

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Cardinal Pole said...

More in connection with item 2:

"Robert George also warned about this attempt to equate opposition to homosexual marriage with racism. ...

"He said the churches will find various legal disabilities imposed upon them: “It has already happened in Massachusetts, where Catholic Charities has been driven out of the field of providing adoption services.”"