Thursday, December 16, 2010

Notes: Thursday, December 16, 2010

1. "Russian Army's [new, Tsarist-era-style] chic designer uniforms make soldiers ill"

2. "About Catholic Liturgy by an Anglican"

Interesting to me mainly for the reference in it to Msgr. Lefebvre:

3. Mr. Muehlenberg on moves in Switzerland to decriminalise incest

Also interesting for the reference, late in the post, to the Sodomites' League's call, almost forty years ago, for the legalisation of polygamy:

4. "Young gay risks"

Full text of a very short article from page seven of last Monday's edition of the Sydney Daily Telegraph (my transcription):

Young gay risks

A STUDY of HIV has revealed younger gay men are more willing to take sexual risks, were more likely to have never been tested for HIV and more likely to report not knowing the HIV status of regular partners, the study for the Centre for Population Health at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne found.

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