Monday, April 18, 2011

Notes: Tuesday, April 12-Monday, April 18, 2011

1. Latest American figures on sexual abuse by Catholic priests

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2. Dr. Gates on the G.L.B.T. proportion of the population

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3. Cardinal Pell with some facts about events in the post-Conciliar era
Pope Paul VI appointed no bishops who were opposed to the ethos of Vatican II, ...

[...] Incidentally it is a matter of historical record that at the 1971 Synod of Bishops, Pope Paul offered to the bishops the option of ordaining married men to the priesthood and the bishops declined to accept this.

[...] In Pope John Paul’s 27 years of pontificate 24 individuals were disciplined for their theological views, including eight who were silenced or removed, in the worldwide Catholic community of more than one billion believers.

His Eminence also asserts in that letter that "the bishops of the Society of St. Pius X ... are still in schism", which is not only false, even from Rome's perspective, but illogical for him given that in the same section of the letter he says that their putative excommunications were lifted.

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4. "Ethnic federation calls on PM to bolster multicultural policy"

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5. Discussion thread on the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgical schedule

Mainly of interest to me for the references to the present and past practice of the S.S.P.X. in that connection:

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6. Figures on the use of contraception by American Catholics

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7. Two items regarding John Paul II.

7.1 Review of a biography of John Paul II.

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7.2 List of quotations from John Paul II. regarding Islam

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8. Note regarding possible new admissions to the Order of the Garter

This Saturday, April 23 (which is usually St. George's Day), is Holy Saturday. Apparently,
This year 2011, St Georges Day will be officially celebrated on May 2nd. This is because Easter falls late this year and April 23rd is Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Under the rules of the Church of England, if St Georges Day falls within a week of Easter then Easter has precedence and St Georges Day is moved to after Easter. This will the first Monday in May, May Day Bank Holiday, ...
Now there are currently three vacancies in the Order of the Garter (judging by the list at H.M. The Queen's website, one would think that there were only two, but that list has not been updated to take into account the death of His late Grace The Duke of Grafton). If Her Majesty intends to fill some or all of those vacancies this year, I wonder whether the announcement will be made on Holy Saturday, or on May 2? Delaying any announcement till the latter date would be convenient in that The Queen could also announce Miss Middleton's admission to the Order as one of its Royal Ladies.

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Reginaldvs Cantvar
Monday in Holy Week, A.D. 2011


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Pell is correct when he notes that the Pius X Society is in schism. The lifting of the excommunications only means that the Catholic men mentioned in the decree may seek the sacraments from a validly ordained Catholic cleric. The men themselves (as well as the society)are regarded as still being in schism and are forbidden to exercise episcopal or priestly ministry in the Catholic Church.

The acceptance of all of Vatican Council II, communion with all Catholic bishops, including the bishop of Rome are the first conditions required for re-establlishing ecclesial communion. Then other matters about the status of their orders and validity of their sacraments can be considered.

Cardinal Pole said...

"The men themselves (as well as the society)are regarded ..."

By you and whom else?

Cardinal Pole said...

"... are regarded as still being in schism ..."

Not by Fr. Zuhlsdorf or the Holy See: