Monday, May 30, 2011

Notes: Tuesday, May 24-Monday, May 30, 2011 (part 1 of 2)

1. A recent AQ post and comment on gay indoctrination of children

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2. Ethiopia: The world's second Catholic Confessional State

So apparently Armenia was the world's first Catholic Confessional State, Ethiopia was the second, and presumably the Roman Empire was the third.

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3. A few recent items regarding the intersection of the family and the economy

3.1 "WHEN a couple disagrees on whether to have a child or more children, the woman's wishes usually prevail. But a study that tracks thousands of people over six years shows the introduction of the $3000 baby bonus gave more power to the partner who wanted more children - even if that was the man."

Labels: economics, families, parenthood, taxation

3.2 "[T]he stay-at-home mum is becoming a threatened species, with only a quarter of couples with children living in a single-income household"

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3.3 Mrs. Shanahan on, among other things, the abolition of "the dependent spouse rebate for younger, childless couples, which was the only form of income-splitting for these couples"

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4. Dr. Médaille on political philosophy and practice

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5. A fact and a figure regarding sodomite-catamite 'parenting' in New South Wales

Fact: "Sperm donors do not have automatic legal parenting status [in N.S.W.]. In 2008 that right was given to the partners of lesbian mothers who conceived using a sperm donor."
Source: (Initially I'd intended to give the following U.R.L. as my source, but if you click on it then you'll see that, oddly, its page no longer exists:

(One Emma Brooks Maher had a letter published in the Herald under the title "A child's right", arguing that "Gay parents need to get real: a birth certificate is not a marriage or partnership document. It records a birth ... And every child has a right to know its genetic background - that is, both mother and father.")

Figure: "Of 94,354 birth registrations last year, 117 were for children born to same-sex parents."

Labels: demography, families, G.L.B.T., N.S.W., parenthood

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