Monday, October 31, 2011

Notes: Wednesday, October 19-Monday, October 31, 2011

1. On recent Australian Government treatment of de facto marriages compared to (recent Australian Government treatment of) de ivre ones

Can anyone provide an answer to this recent comment of mine at Mr. Schütz's blog?

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2. Some information regarding Catholic schools in England and Wales

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3. According to Cardinal Tauran, "[r]eligious freedom necessarily includes immunity from coercion by any individual, group, community or institution"

(That message came to my attention via VIS 20111020 (300), "CHRISTIANS AND HINDUS: PROMOTING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM", an item in a recent edition of the Vatican Information Service's daily e-mail bulletin.)

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4. Pius XII. on the death penalty
(section 33)

(That came to my attention via this comment in the combox of this recent blog post by Prof. Feser.)

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5. Some recent information:

5.1 On Australian demography:

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5.2 On world demography:

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6. "That [I.C.E.L.] translation [of John Paul II.'s 1990 revision of Paul VI.'s ordinal for priestly ordination] was so bad that in 1997 the Congregation for Divine Worship issued in response a letter of a harshness that [Fr. Zuhlsdorf] had never seen before from any dicastery of the Holy See"

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Reginaldvs Cantvar
All Hallows' Eve, A.D. 2011

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Cardinal Pole said...

Regarding item 4: That Allocution is available in its original French on pp. 779-789 of AAS 44 (1952), and the relevant paragraph is the second-last complete paragraph on p. 787. Here is that paragraph:

"Même quand il s'agit de l'exécution d'un condamné à mort, l'Etat ne dispose pas du droit de l'individu à la vie. U est réservé alors au pouvoir public de priver le condamné du bien de la vie, en expiation de sa faute, après que, par son crime, il s'est déjà dépossédé de son droit à la vie."
[italics and any typographical errors as in the text from which that quotation came]

Regarding item 5.2: Some related analysis is available here:
"10 billion and counting . . . [sic] backwards" by Sanjeev Sanyal