Monday, February 27, 2012

Notes: Tuesday, February 7-Monday, February 27, 2012 (part 1 of 2)

1. "With identical twins, where the genetic heritage is identical, … if one twin is gay or lesbian, [then] there is 50 per cent likelihood the other twin is gay or lesbian"

But if the genetic heritage is identical, i.e., 100% the same, then why is that likelihood so low, a mere 50%?

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2. "Proposition 8 therefore could not have been enacted to advance California's interest in childrearing or responsible procreation," ["Judge Stephen Reinhardt"] wrote, "for it had no effect on the rights of same-sex couples to raise children or on the procreative practices of other couples"

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3. "Family Planning Queensland’s revolutionary book, Is This Normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour"

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4. "The thrice-married [French] President[, M. Nicolas Sarkozy,] … lauds the importance of traditional marriage and opposes moves to legalise homosexual marriage on the grounds it would lead to gay adoption"

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5. "[At] a Mardi Gras meeting in the early '90s[,] a vote barring bisexuals from membership was carried"

Labels: discrimination, G.L.B.T., Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

6. Some recent figures on Australian popular support for so-called Gay marriage

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7. "There's no such thing as a good divorce: the kids always suffer"

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8. "Some months ago [Catholica Australia] had nearly 750 registered members and ["an assistant administrator on Catholica" has] now cut it back to about 560. By the time he's finished[, Mr Brian Coyne, C.A.'s editor and publisher,] said to him [that Mr. Coyne] expect[s that] it might get down to somewhere between four and five hundred."

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