Monday, February 27, 2012

Notes: Tuesday, February 7-Monday, February 27, 2012 (part 2 of 2)

9. Dr. Weigel on, among other things, the teachings of Leo XIII. and Fr. Murray on religious liberty and Church-State relations

(That came to my attention via this AQ post.)

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10. "WEL[, the Women's Electoral Lobby,] took over the Family Planning Association [in or before 1972]"

Family Planning NSW is now, according to this web-page at its website, an independent organisation, however.

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11. "The Holy See and Her Majesty’s Government agreed on the urgent need for action to strengthen the universal commitment to religious freedom as a fundamental human right, and to its practical application with a view to promoting respect for all religions in all countries. The Holy See and the British government look forward to working together to combat intolerance and discrimination based on religion, wherever it is manifest."


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12. "CFN Launches New Web Page!"

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13. That Atheist straw man again
(the contribution from one Brian D. Lee)

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14. "Advocates of President Obama’s contraception mandate should admit that its main purpose is sexual liberation and not “women’s health,” according to a feminist author[, viz., Dr. Pamela Haag,] who supports the mandate"

Dr. Haag's essay is available here.

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