Monday, February 27, 2012

Notes: Tuesday, February 7-Monday, February 27, 2012 (part 2 of 2)

9. Dr. Weigel on, among other things, the teachings of Leo XIII. and Fr. Murray on religious liberty and Church-State relations

(That came to my attention via this AQ post.)

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10. "WEL[, the Women's Electoral Lobby,] took over the Family Planning Association [in or before 1972]"

Family Planning NSW is now, according to this web-page at its website, an independent organisation, however.

Labels: F.P.A., W.E.L.

11. "The Holy See and Her Majesty’s Government agreed on the urgent need for action to strengthen the universal commitment to religious freedom as a fundamental human right, and to its practical application with a view to promoting respect for all religions in all countries. The Holy See and the British government look forward to working together to combat intolerance and discrimination based on religion, wherever it is manifest."


Labels: Diocese of Rome, religious liberty, Roman Curia, U.K.

12. "CFN Launches New Web Page!"

Labels: C.F.N.

13. That Atheist straw man again
(the contribution from one Brian D. Lee)

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14. "Advocates of President Obama’s contraception mandate should admit that its main purpose is sexual liberation and not “women’s health,” according to a feminist author[, viz., Dr. Pamela Haag,] who supports the mandate"

Dr. Haag's essay is available here.

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Notes: Tuesday, February 7-Monday, February 27, 2012 (part 1 of 2)

1. "With identical twins, where the genetic heritage is identical, … if one twin is gay or lesbian, [then] there is 50 per cent likelihood the other twin is gay or lesbian"

But if the genetic heritage is identical, i.e., 100% the same, then why is that likelihood so low, a mere 50%?

Labels: biology, G.L.B.T., genes

2. "Proposition 8 therefore could not have been enacted to advance California's interest in childrearing or responsible procreation," ["Judge Stephen Reinhardt"] wrote, "for it had no effect on the rights of same-sex couples to raise children or on the procreative practices of other couples"

Labels: discrimination, families, G.L.B.T., marriage

3. "Family Planning Queensland’s revolutionary book, Is This Normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour"

Labels: education, Holly Brennan, Judy Graham, vice, youngsters

4. "The thrice-married [French] President[, M. Nicolas Sarkozy,] … lauds the importance of traditional marriage and opposes moves to legalise homosexual marriage on the grounds it would lead to gay adoption"

Labels: families, France, G.L.B.T., marriage

5. "[At] a Mardi Gras meeting in the early '90s[,] a vote barring bisexuals from membership was carried"

Labels: discrimination, G.L.B.T., Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

6. Some recent figures on Australian popular support for so-called Gay marriage

Labels: G.L.B.T., marriage

7. "There's no such thing as a good divorce: the kids always suffer"

Labels: divorce, families, marriage, youngsters

8. "Some months ago [Catholica Australia] had nearly 750 registered members and ["an assistant administrator on Catholica" has] now cut it back to about 560. By the time he's finished[, Mr Brian Coyne, C.A.'s editor and publisher,] said to him [that Mr. Coyne] expect[s that] it might get down to somewhere between four and five hundred."

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Notes: Wednesday, January 18-Monday, February 6, 2012 (part 2 of 2)

9. "Toonen v Australia (UN Human Rights Committee, 1994) established the important international precedent that anti-sodomy laws are a human rights violation"

Labels: G.L.B.T., human rights, U.N.O.

10. "'For a much older generation, gay is the act of having sex with someone of the same gender. But the post-Stonewall generation defines gay or lesbian as someone's nature. Who they are attracted to, who they connect with. It's something much deeper than just a sexual act"

I log that quotation in relation to the obervation by the Australian Gay activist Prof. Dennis Altman that
The greatest single victory of the gay movement over the past decade has been to shift the debate from behavior to identity, thus forcing opponents into a position where they can be seen as attacking the civil rights of homosexual citizens rather than attacking specific and (as they see it) antisocial behavior.
Labels: Dennis Altman, G.L.B.T.

11. Mr. Verrecchio on Dignitatis humanæ, the Social Reign of Christ, religious liberty, and (on) some observations by Fr. Murray

Labels: Church and State, Dignitatis Humanæ, John Murray, religious liberty, Social Reign of Christ

12. Part of the reason why an ordinary woman, unlike, mutatis mutandis, an ordinary man, cannot necessarily provide at least the necessities of life for herself, her husband, and those of their children who are too young to marry:
… A woman committed to following the World Health Organisation guidelines must be in almost continuous contact with her child as its exclusive food source for six months. She must then commit extensive time and effort to breast-feeding (or pumping) as a supplement for an-other 18 months or more. (It's worth bearing in mind that WHO guidelines have developing countries particularly in mind, where formula is often prepared in unsanitary conditions, using dirty water, with predictably bad health out-comes for babies.) …
[dashes in the original,
I transcribed that from the article "The Mother Load" in The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine of January 28, 2012; the quotation comes from page fourteen.
Fairfax's "Essential Baby" website has an edited extract from that article, which (extract) seems to contain the same text as that in my transcript (except for the dashes, which, in the print edition, occured when a word spanned two lines of text).]
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Notes: Wednesday, January 18-Monday, February 6, 2012 (part 1 of 2)

1. "Obesity link to lack of mother bonding":
INFANTS who don't bond closely with their mothers show an increased likelihood of growing up to be obese.

[…] Pediatrics, 2011;doi:10.1542/peds.2011-0972, (Anderson S, et al)

[Bold type in the original,
"Obesity link to lack of mother bonding", by Adam Taor, dated January 14, 2012, downloaded from The Australian's website:
Also published, in slightly different form, as the "Pulse" column by Adam Taor on page nine of the "Health" section of the "Weekend Professional" supplement in the print edition of The Weekend Australian, January 14-15, 2012]
Labels: families, health

2. According to the Holy Father, "the ecumenical task is a responsibility of the entire Church and of all the baptized, who must develop the partial communion that already exists among Christians and make it grow into full communion in truth and in charity"

VIS 20120118 (720)

See also

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, ecumenism

3. H.H. The Pope on "legitimate separation of Church and State" and religious freedom

VIS 20120119 (760)

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, Church and State, religious liberty, U.S.A.

4. Several web-pages on recent news regarding the Neo-Catechumenal Way

VIS 20120120 (780)

VIS 20120120 (220)

Labels: N.C.W.

5. "Is Homosexuality Biologically Determined?"

Labels: G.L.B.T., neuroscience

6. "Muslim men first to be found guilty of [Gay] hate crime [in the U.K.]"

Labels: death penalty, G.L.B.T., hate speech, Islam

7. "A study published in the Lancet last Friday found that globally, more restrictive abortion laws do not lead to lower abortion rates – sometimes, rates are higher where abortion is illegal"

Labels: abortion, law

8. Prof. George has a blog

More precisely, he contributes to this group blog:

(That came to my attention via this post at Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog.)

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