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Notes: Tuesday, May 24-Monday, May 30, 2011 (part 2 of 2)

6. A couple of recent items regarding H.H. The Pope

6.1 Review of Light of the World

Worth reading as a whole, but I'm keeping it for future reference just for its mention of the apparent reason for the present Pope's non-use of the title "Patriarch of the West".

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6.2 H.H. The Pope on the Church's non-pursuit of "privileges"

VATICAN CITY, 27 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Yesterday afternoon in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Benedict XVI presided over the praying of the Rosary together with the bishops of Italy, entrusting the people of Italy to the Virgin. The Italian bishops were gathered for a General Assembly on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the political unification of Italy.

After praying the Luminous Mysteries, Benedict XVI addressed the Italian bishops, ...

[...] "Faith, in fact", he continued, "is not alienation. The experiences that poison the dignity of humanity and the quality of social life are other [than faith]. ... Italy, celebrating 150 years of political unity, has reason to be proud of the presence and outreach of the Church, which does not pursue privileges nor intend to substitute the responsibilities of political institutions. Respectful of the State's legitimate secularity, the Church is attentive to sustaining the fundamental rights of the human person. Among these are foremost ethical instances and therefore the openness to transcendence, which constitute values prior to any state jurisdiction because they are inscribed in the very nature of the human person".
[...]BXVI-ROSARY/ VIS 20110527 (600)
It occurred to me recently that one of the big differences between the Catholic religion and the Conciliar religion is evident in the Leonine Prayers for recital after Low Mass, in which Catholics pray for "the liberty and exaltation of our holy Mother the Church"--that's liberty and exaltation, not just liberty. Whereas the Catholic Church asks God for her liberty and exaltation, the Conciliar church asks the State merely for its liberty:
... And what does this Church ask of you after close to 2,000 years of experiences of all kinds in her relations with you, the powers of the earth? What does the Church ask of you today? She tells you in one of the major documents of this council. She asks of you only liberty, the liberty to believe and to preach her faith, the freedom to love her God and serve Him, the freedom to live and to bring to men her message of life. ...
[Address of Paul VI., on behalf of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, to "all those who hold temporal power",
a href="]
I suppose that members of the Conciliar religion would try to downplay this contrast by saying that they do desire the Church's exaltation, but in an eschatological sense. A Catholic can respond to this by pointing out that Christ the King has social rights not just at the end of time, but right here and right now, and if Christ is King, then surely His Bride is Queen.

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7. Notable appointments to the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation

From a recent edition of the Vatican Information Service's daily e-mail bulletin:

VATICAN CITY, 19 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Today the Holy Father appointed as consultors of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization: Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, vicar general of Opus Dei; ... Fr. Julian Carron, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation and ecclesiastical assistant to the Association "Memores Domini"; ... Dr. Chiara Amirante, founder and president of the New Horizons Association of the diocese of Anagni-Alatri, Italy; Mr. Kiko Arguello, a co-initiator of the Neo-Catechumenal Way; ...
[...]NA/ VIS 20110519 (240)
According to a ucanews post to which there was a link in one of the items in last Friday's edition of CathNews Perspectives, "[f]ive representatives from various Church movements were appointed along with five experts."

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8. "More older Britons having abortions"

That article's concluding paragraph seemed particularly significant:
The figures reflect large-scale social changes in recent years. The percentage of single women in Britain has more than doubled in the past three decades, with 43 per cent of women under 50 never having married in 2009.
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Notes: Tuesday, May 24-Monday, May 30, 2011 (part 1 of 2)

1. A recent AQ post and comment on gay indoctrination of children

Labels: education, G.L.B.T.

2. Ethiopia: The world's second Catholic Confessional State

So apparently Armenia was the world's first Catholic Confessional State, Ethiopia was the second, and presumably the Roman Empire was the third.

Labels: Confessional State, Ethiopia

3. A few recent items regarding the intersection of the family and the economy

3.1 "WHEN a couple disagrees on whether to have a child or more children, the woman's wishes usually prevail. But a study that tracks thousands of people over six years shows the introduction of the $3000 baby bonus gave more power to the partner who wanted more children - even if that was the man."

Labels: economics, families, parenthood, taxation

3.2 "[T]he stay-at-home mum is becoming a threatened species, with only a quarter of couples with children living in a single-income household"

Labels: demography, economics, families, parenthood

3.3 Mrs. Shanahan on, among other things, the abolition of "the dependent spouse rebate for younger, childless couples, which was the only form of income-splitting for these couples"

Labels: economics, families, parenthood, taxation

4. Dr. Médaille on political philosophy and practice

Labels: political science

5. A fact and a figure regarding sodomite-catamite 'parenting' in New South Wales

Fact: "Sperm donors do not have automatic legal parenting status [in N.S.W.]. In 2008 that right was given to the partners of lesbian mothers who conceived using a sperm donor."
Source: (Initially I'd intended to give the following U.R.L. as my source, but if you click on it then you'll see that, oddly, its page no longer exists:

(One Emma Brooks Maher had a letter published in the Herald under the title "A child's right", arguing that "Gay parents need to get real: a birth certificate is not a marriage or partnership document. It records a birth ... And every child has a right to know its genetic background - that is, both mother and father.")

Figure: "Of 94,354 birth registrations last year, 117 were for children born to same-sex parents."

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Notes: Tuesday, May 17-Monday, May 23, 2011 (part 2 of 2)

4. Text of the C.D.F. response to Msgr. Lefebvre's Dubia about religious liberty/Dignitatis humanæ?

In a recent Sandro Magister article posted at AQ, there was a reference to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's (C.D.F.'s) response to the Dubia which Msgr. Lefebvre submitted to it about Dignitatis humanæ. In that article, the response's title is given as "Liberté religieuse. Réponse aux 'dubia' présentés par S.E. Mgr. Lefebvre" (March 9, 1987). I Googled this, and the search led me to the footnotes of this blog post (in Italian), some of which refer to something called "La Crise intégriste". This in turn led me to the French blog "La crise intégriste", which purports, apparently, to have the text of the C.D.F. response. I face three problems, the last two of which follow from the first:

4.1 The document is in French, and I can't speak French (and the document is not so formatted that I can simply run it through a translator).

4.2 I don't know whether the document is authentic.

4.3 Even if it's authentic, I don't know whether it has been published ethically.

Could any French speakers help me out here?

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5. The S.S.P.X.'s The Problem of the Liturgical Reform is available, for free, on-line

I knew that it was available on-line somewhere, and this comment at Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog gives its U.R.L. One can also find it via one of the items in the "Articles Index" at the website of the U.S. District of the S.S.P.X.

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6. Here we go again: In South Australia, "wide-ranging reforms aimed at providing greater legal protection for children of same-sex parents [were] recommended to Parliament [last week]"

Labels: families, G.L.B.T., parenthood, S.A.

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Notes: Tuesday, May 17-Monday, May 23, 2011 (part 1 of 2)

1. Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn (according to CathNews): "Legislative overhaul and education needed over prostitution [in the A.C.T.]"

Labels: A.C.T., Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, law, vice

2. Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei Instruction Universæ Ecclesiæ

COM-ED/ VIS 20110513 (2680)

OP/ VIS 20110513 (1260)

See also Msgr. Fellay's reponse.

Labels: Bernard Fellay, Roman Curia, T.L.M., Universæ Ecclesiæ

3. "Dr Rowan Williams [pretender Archbishop of Canterbury] named the Rev Jonathan Baker as the next Bishop of Ebbsfleet despite knowing he was an active and senior mason"

The pseudobishopric of Ebbsfleet was for
one of the “flying bishops” who oversee clergy opposed to women priests. The post had fallen vacant when its previous holder quit to join the Roman Catholic Church.
Labels: Anglicans, Freemasons, Jonathan Baker, Rowan Williams

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Notes: Tuesday, May 10-Monday, May 16, 2011

1. "80 per cent of parish pastors in Australia ... belong to the [National Council of Priests]"?

According to a letter from one L. F. Donnelly which was published last week in The Australian, "80 per cent of parish pastors in Australia ... belong to the [National Council of Priests]". Is this a fact, though?

Labels: N.C.P.

2. "Putin signals 2012 bid"

Labels: Russia, Vladimir Putin

3. A few recent items regarding H.H. The Pope

3.1 Holy Father mentions "eclipse of God" in Allocution on prayer

AG/ VIS 20110511 (610)

"Eclipse of God" is the title of a book by the Jewish pseudophilosopher Martin Buber. His Holiness mentions Buber favourably in Milestones.

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, Jews, Martin Buber, philosophy, theology

3.2 "Pope receives delegation of B'nai B'rith International"

AC/ VIS 20110512 (340)

Labels: B'nai B'rith, Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, Freemasons, inter-religious dialogue, Jews

3.3 H.H. The Pope on religious liberty

AL/ VIS 20110516 (590)

Excerpt from the Holy Father's Address to Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of India on their "ad Limina" visit:
Moreover, as Indian Christians strive to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours of other beliefs, your prudent leadership will be crucial in the civil and moral task of working to safeguard the fundamental human rights of freedom of religion and freedom of worship. As you know, these rights are based upon the common dignity of all human beings and are recognized throughout the concert of nations. The Catholic Church strives to promote these rights for all religions throughout the world. ...
Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, morality, religious liberty

4. Mr. Muehlenberg with "Further Reasons To Reject Legalised Euthanasia"

Labels: euthanasia

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Notes: Wednesday, May 3-Monday, May 9, 2011 (part 2 of 2)

6. A couple of recent items on socio-political doctrine

6.1 Fr. Rhonheimer on socio-political doctrine before and after Vatican II

I don't have time to write a proper rebuttal of that fascinating piece, so my initial intention was just to mention the main points of interest, each with little or no accompanying commentary from me. But as I started selecting representative quotations, it became clear that Fr. Rhonheimer's article, or at least the extract which Mr. Magister provided, was so thoroughly riddled with error, and grave error at that, that that approach would simply not do it justice, so I'll just give the link.

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, Church and State, Confessional State, Dignitatis Humanæ, Magisterium, Martin Rhonheimer, morality, Quanta Cura, religious liberty, Vatican II

6.2 The latest from H.H. The Pope on religious liberty

MESS/ VIS 20110504 (430)

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, Dignitatis Humanæ, Magisterium, morality, religious liberty, Vatican II

7. On "Apostolic Canon 34"

If you ever encounter on the Internet an apologist for the Eastern Schism, then you're likely to see "Apostolic Canon 34" cited at some point. I saw this cited by an Eastern-Catholic-turned-Eastern-Orthodox AQer a while ago, and most recently I've seen it cited in comments in the combox of a recent post by Mr. Schütz: See chiefly the comments in this sub-thread and also this comment. The comments of most interest to me were this one, this one, and this one. Some of The Catholic Encyclopedia's articles, such as those on the Apostolic Canons and on the councils in question, are also useful.

Labels: Eastern Schism, law

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Feast of St. Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church, A.D. 2011

Notes: Wednesday, May 3-Monday, May 9, 2011 (part 1 of 2)

1. Mr. Muehlenberg with some of Prof. Singer's statements

Labels: Peter Singer

2. The anti-sodomite measures of St. Pius V.

Labels: death penalty, G.L.B.T., law, morality, St. Pius V. Ghisleri

3. Two recent Russian developments

3.1 "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that measures must be taken in the Russian Federation to boost the birth rate"

Labels: Russia, Vladimir Putin

3.2 "[A] plan by the Russian Orthodox Church to construct 200 churches in the Russian capital"

Labels: R.O.C.

4. Mr. Muehlenberg and others on, among other things, how to react to the death of an evildoer

and the comment of 5.5.11 / 6am by Dr. Sarfati here:

Labels: death penalty, morality, Scripture, theology

5. Some of the actions of the late Mme. Nhu
... after winning a seat in the National Assembly in 1956, [she] pushed through measures that increased women's rights. She also orchestrated government moves to ban contraceptives and abortion, outlaw adultery, forbid divorce and close opium dens and brothels.
Labels: Tran Le Xuan

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Notes: Tuesday, April 19-Monday, May 2, 2011

1. How, according to a blog commenter, Bl. John XXIII. changed the Good Friday prayer for the Jews

Labels: Jews, John XXIII. Roncalli, liturgy, T.L.M.

2. Two recent acts by H.M. The Queen

2.1 Announcement that Lord Phillips and Lord Boyce will join the Order of the Garter

You can read more about the activities of Lord Phillips here, here, the comment here, here, and especially here. Needless to say, however, I do not necessarily agree with the entire content and/or perspective of any of those pieces.

Labels: Islam, Jews, Michael Boyce, Nicholas Phillips, Order of the Garter, State of Israel

2.2 H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Miss Middleton become T.R.H. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

(See also the last clause of the last sentence of this Herald article.)

Labels: William Wales

3. "Grahame" on the teachings of H.H. The Pope and Teilhard de Chardin regarding the priesthood, the liturgy, and the "Cosmos"

Labels: Benedict XVI. Ratzinger, liturgy, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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