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Notes: Tuesday, April 18, 2017-Monday, April 23, 2018 (part 3 of 3)

8. In the evening of Saturday, February 17, 2018, The Governor of New South Wales "attended the performance of Trevor Ashley’s Mardi Gala, part of the Sydney Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary celebrations, at the Sydney Opera House."

The quotation in that headline comes from the "Vice Regal Program" notice "Saturday, 17 February 2018", downloaded from the official Governor of New South Wales website:

Labels: G.L.B.T., N.S.W.

9. Federal Labor proposes to give taxpayer funding of "$1 million to Tasmania to build a Reproductive Health Hub" which "will provide surgical terminations as part of the public hospital system, and federal and state Labor will contribute to its ongoing costs under the usual Commonwealth-state arrangements." It would have complemented Tasmanian Labor's pre-State-election "commitment to make terminations available in Tasmania’s public hospitals."

The quotations in that headline come for the media release "LABOR WILL RESTORE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH SERVICES IN TASMANIA", dated Tuesday, February 20, 2018, issued jointly by The Hon. Bill Shorten M.P. (Leader of H.M.A. Opposition), The Hon. Tanya Plibersek M.P. (Deputy Leader of H.M.A. Opposition and shadow minister for education and training and for women), The Hon. Catherine King M.P. (shadow minister for health and Medicare), and Ms Rebecca White M.P. (Leader of H.M. Tasmanian Opposition and its shadow minister for health and wellbeing and for economic growth and regional development), downloaded from Ms King's website:

See also the "TRANSCRIPT: DOORSTOP HOBART TUESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2018", featuring Ms Plibersek, Ms King, and Ms White, downloaded from Ms Plibersek's website:

Labels: abortion, A.L.

10. "just a century and a half ago, we had Papal States, and a much more politically-oriented Christianity in places. But we developed away from that, getting back to the roots of the faith, before Constantine, and embracing again Christ's words "My kingdom is not of this world.""

The longer quotation, including the shorter one, in that headline comes from the transcript of a speech given by His Grace The Most Rev. The Lord Archbishop of Erbil (a Chaldean archdiocese in Iraq) on February 15, 2018 at Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, downloaded from that centre's website:

Or go straight hither:

(That speech came to my attention via a Catholic News Service (C.N.S.) report printed in the Sydney Catholic Weekly and available behind a paywall at C.N.S.'s website under the headline "Chaldean archbishop: Time to be 'honest' in dialogue with Muslims", by Mark Pattison, dated February 16, 2018:

Labels: Church and State, Constantine the Great, secularism

11. "More than 600 people attended the [St. Patrick's Day 2018 ]Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Terry Brady." Its "congregation … were [sic ]treated to a celebration of Irish dancers and traditional hymns sung by the Sydney Irish Community Choir."

The quotations, excluding my ellipsis symbol (which merely replaces the mention of two high-profile members of that congregation) and bracketed interpolations, in that headline come from the report "A sea of green as Sydney celebrates St Patrick’s day", by Debbie Cramsie, on p. 15 in the "NEWS" pages of the Sydney Catholic Weekly, March 25, 2018, published by The Archdiocese of Sydney, Sydney. (Note that the words "celebrated", "celebration", and "Community" each spanned two lines in the printed article, and so contained the following dashes: "celebrat-ed"; "celebra-tion"; "Com-munity".)

Labels: liturgical dance, N.O.M., Sydney

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Notes: Tuesday, April 18, 2017-Monday, April 23, 2018 (part 2 of 3)

4.3 H.H. The Pope on the death penalty

4.3.1 "Faith is a journey guided by the Holy Spirit, who helps the church grow in understanding the sinful nature of once-accepted practices like slavery and the death penalty, Pope Francis said."

The quotation in that headline comes from the news report "Pope: Spirit helps church see wrongs in slavery, death penalty", by Junno Arocho Esteves, dated May 11, 2017, downloaded from the Catholic News Service's website:

See also another news report, "On a journey", no byline, dated May 11, 2017, downloaded from L’Osservatore Romano's website:

The latter report is not available in English at the Vatican's website, but this Italian-language version, perhaps the source for the English version, is:

Labels: death penalty, Francis Bergoglio, morals

4.3.2 "The death penalty, no matter how it is carried out, "is, in itself, contrary to the Gospel," Pope Francis said."

The longest quotation (including the shortest quotation) in that headline is the first paragraph of the news report "Death penalty is 'contrary to the Gospel,' pope says", by Cindy Wooden, dated October 11, 2017, downloaded from the Catholic News Service's website:

A translation (from Italian) of the speech in question, namely, His Holiness's Address, on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, to participants in a meeting promoted by the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation, is available at the Vatican's website:

and this, also at the Vatican's website, is presumably the original Italian:

Labels: death penalty, Francis Bergoglio, morals

4.4 Msgr. Gallagher (The Holy See's Secretary for Relations with States) on, among other things, the rule of law

4.4.1 Msgr. Gallagher on, among other things, the rule of law, equality before the law, religious plurality in a State, and religion and politics

See The Holy See Press Office Daily Bulletin item "Intervention of the Secretary for Relations with States at the United Nations on the protection of religious minorities in conflicts, 23.09.2017", which contains the text of "the intervention that the Secretary for Relations with States, H.E. Msgr. Paul R. Gallagher, pronounced yesterday at the United Nations Building in New York, during the 72nd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, on the protection of religious minorities in conflicts":

Labels: Church and State, Confessional State, Democratism, liberalism, morals, Roman Curia

4.4.2 Msgr. Gallagher on, among other things, the rule of law and a World State

See The Holy See Press Office Daily Bulletin item "Intervention of the Secretary for Relations with States at the Fordham University of New York, 26.09.2017", which contains the text of "the intervention that the H.E. Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, secretary for Relations with States, pronounced on 25 September at the Fordham University of New York on The Holy See Perspective on Contemporary International Issues":

Labels: Democratism, liberalism, morals, Roman Curia, U.N.O.

4.5 An apparent Papal endorsement of the delegation theory of the conferral of political authority

See the Vatican Radio report "Pope at Mass: ‘Pray for leaders despite their mistakes’", presumably to be credited to Devin Watkins, dated September 18, 2017, downloaded from Vatican Radio's website but apparently no longer available online; this was its (here hyperlinked) U.R.L.:‘pray_for_leaders_despite_their_mistakes’/1337475

Another account of that homily/daily meditation seems to be available in Italian, but not in English, at the Vatican's website:

and at L’Osservatore Romano's website:

In that Vatican Radio report, the two paragraphs of interest to me here are this one:
“If leaders do not pray, they close themselves off in a self-referential circle or in that of their party, a circle from which they cannot escape”, said Pope Francis. It is important to be aware that we are all subordinate to someone more powerful. And those who are more powerful than political leaders, he suggested, are both the people who gave those leaders their power, “and God from whom their power comes through the people”. Political leaders pray, said the Pope, when they are aware of being a subordinate.
[my emphasis]
and this one:
“I ask you this favor: every one of you take five minutes, no more. If you are a leader, ask yourself: ‘Do I pray to the One who gave me power through the people?’ If you are not a leader, ‘Do I pray for my leaders? Yes, for this one and that one, yes, because I like them; but for that one, no.’ They need it so much more for this reason! ‘Do I pray for all leaders?’ And if you find in your examination of conscience before Confession that you have not prayed for your leaders, bring it to Confession. Because not to pray for leaders is a sin.”
[my emphasis]
The Italian counterparts of my two emphasised portions of those paragraphs are presumably at least roughly "«il popolo, che gli ha dato il potere, e Dio, dal quale viene il potere tramite il popolo»" and "«… Se è governante, si domandi: “Io prego a quello che mi ha dato il potere tramite il popolo?”. …»" (my ellipses), respectively.

For a summary of the basic differences between the delegation theory, which H.H. The Pope apparently espouses, and the designation theory, see item 2 of this issue of my "Notes":

Labels: Democratism, Francis Bergoglio, morals, St. Robert Bellarmine

4.6 "Religious differences need not be a source of division and distrust, but rather a force for unity, forgiveness, tolerance and wise nation building."

The quotation in that headline comes from a translation, from Italian, of H.H. The Pope's Address at a meeting with the Burmese "authorities, civil society and members of the diplomatic corps" on November 28, 2017, during His Holiness's Apostolic Journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh (November 26-December 2, 2017); see The Holy See Press Office Daily Bulletin item "Apostolic Trip of the Holy Father Francis to Myanmar and Bangladesh (26 November – 2 December 2017) – Meeting with the Authorities, Civil Society and the Diplomatic Corps, 28.11.2017":

or this other Vatican website page:

The original Italian is available here:

and here:

This seems to be the untranslated version of my quotation:
Le differenze religiose non devono essere fonte di divisione e di diffidenza, ma piuttosto una forza per l’unità, per il perdono, per la tolleranza e la saggia costruzione del Paese.
Labels: Francis Bergoglio

5. "Middle-income families will be subject to an income taper test, losing 30 cents of their family tax benefit for every dollar they earn over $94,316 from July 2018."

The quotation in that headline comes from the news report "Federal budget 2017: Family welcomes lift on medicare rebate freeze and continued childcare support", by Clare Sibthorpe, dated May 10, 2017, downloaded from The Sydney Morning Herald's website:

Note that, according to Australian Labor's Women's Budget Statement 2017 (p. 14), the families in question are those "with three or more children, or two children in high school":

Labels: family, tax

6. Some sources of information regarding then-Dom Gerle's April 12, 1790 motion in France's so-called National Constituent Assembly proposing that that body, as such, declare "that the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman religion is and will for ever remain the religion of the nation, and that its worship is the only one legally authorised"

(The quotation in that headline comes from p. 48 of the third of the following sources and is presumably a translation of the quotation "que la religion catholique, apostolique et romaine est et demeurera pour toujours la religion de la nation, et que son culte sera le seul public et autorisé" on p. 702 of the first of those sources.) See
Labels: Church and State, Confessional State, France, history, religious liberty

7. "Se hanno fame, allattateli, senza paura, date loro da mangiare, perché anche questo è un linguaggio di amore."

The quotation in that headline is the last sentence of H.H. The Pope's extemporaneous Homily given after the Gospel lesson of the combined celebration of a New-Order Mass and administration of the Sacrament of Baptism to newborn babies in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday, January 7, 2018 (the New-Order liturgical calendar's Feast of the Baptism of the Lord); that Homily is available at the Vatican's website here:

and here:

That website offers two slightly different English translations of that sentence:
If they are hungry, nurse them, without worry; feed them, because this too is a language of love.
If they are hungry, nurse them, do not be afraid to, feed them, because this too is a language of love.
Labels: breastfeeding, Francis Bergoglio, morals

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St. George's Day, A.D. 2018

Notes: Tuesday, April 18, 2017-Monday, April 23, 2018 (part 1 of 3)

1. Some changes to this blog

In this and future blog posts, I use underlining only for titles of books, blogs, &c., italics only for non-English words, and bold type only for emphasis (except for when I quote someone else, in which case I generally preserve the formatting of the quoted text); immediately before posting this part of this issue of "Notes", I applied that formatting to the text in this blog's sidebar. I also deleted from that sidebar the "News and opinion links" section, since I seldom use its links, except for the one to Dr. Henderson's Media Watch Dog, which I moved to the "Miscellaneous links" section.

Labels: blogs

2. Msgr. Williamson on, among other things, the Congress of Vienna and the consequences of the denial of original sin

See Eleison Comments Issue No. CCCLXXIII, September 6, 2014, "Donoso Cortés – I", by The Right Rev. Msgr. Richard Williamson, available at His Lordship's The St. Marcel Initiative website:

Labels: Church and State, Democratism, history, liberalism, original sin

3. Some recent publications by H.M.A. Government

3.1 Two recent pieces of Feminist propaganda from H.M.A. Government

THE CONVERSATION GUIDE and HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT RESPECT: A conversation guide for parents and families ("Easy Read" version) are available here:

or go straight hither:

and hither, respectively:

Of most interest here are the fourth points ("Why you are both equally ‘in charge’ of a relationship.") under the headings "GENDER EQUALITY" (in the former, "Gender equality" in the latter) on p. 9 of the former and p. 28 of the latter.

Labels: family, feminism, marriage

3.2 Some official sources of information about the prevailing political opinions in Australia

H.M.A. Government's Department of Home Affairs' discussion paper STRENGTHENING THE TEST FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP, dated April 2017, is available here:

or go straight hither:

That document refers to the citizenship test booklet Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, which is available (published by the Communication and Engagement Branch of The Department of Home Affairs, Belconnen, A.C.T., 2018) here:

(or go straight hither:

and to the Australian Values Statement, available in its long form here:

and in its short form here:

See also the Australian citizenship pledge:

with elaboration here:

and see the 2016 booklet Life in Australia – Australian Values and Principles, which is available here:

or go straight hither:

Finally, see the prepared text of "The Integration Challenge: Maintaining successful Australian multiculturalism", a speech to have been given by The Hon. Alan Tudge M.P. (Federal Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs) on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Menzies Research Centre, Sydney:

and Mr. Tudge's transcripts "Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB Sydney" and "Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW Melbourne" of the same day:

Labels: Democratism, feminism, liberalism, multiculturalism, religious liberty, secularism

4. Some recent political pronouncements by H.H. The Pope, whether in person or vicariously

4.1 The text of an English translation from the original Italian of H.H. The Pope's Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Address in the Synod Hall to the participants in the Convention (or Conference, or Congress) organised by The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Encyclical Populorum Progressio is available here:

and in The Holy See Press Office Daily Bulletin item "Audience with the participants in the Convention organized by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development on the fiftieth anniversary of “Populorum Progressio”, 04.04.2017":

I don't know whether it occured to His Holiness, but The Pope's points regarding "integrating in development all those elements that render it truly such" (those elements including "the economy, finance, work, culture, family life, religion") and "integrating among them body and soul" ("them" denoting, apparently, people in general) can be considered points in favour of having a Confessional State and union of Church and State.

Labels: Confessional State, Church and State, Social Reign of Christ

4.2 Three recent Papal mentions of 'healthy/positive secularity/secularism/laicism'

Labels: Francis Bergoglio, liberalism, morals, secularism

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