Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mr. McMahon on ‘gay marriage’ and concubinage


Not content with undermining the Sacrament of Orders, speaking of “that bogus Last Supper ordination” and thereby appearing to incur the anathema imposed by the Council of Trent:

If anyone says that by these words: "Do this for a commemoration of me" [ Luke 22:19;1 Cor. 11:24], Christ did not make the apostles priests, or did not ordain that they and other priests might offer His own body and blood: let him be anathema
(Council of Trent, Session XXII, can. 2
Dz. 949, http://www.catecheticsonline.com/SourcesofDogma10.php)
Mr. Tom McMahon has taken the opportunity in his latest post to undermine Christian Marriage. In an article on so-called ‘gay marriage’ in which he fails to develop any coherent argument, preferring instead to throw around wild calumnies, he reveals his radical historical materialism:

the Roman Church's interest in marriage was mainly in royal and political unions. With the coming of the industrial revolution and ownership of private property by a budding middle class, the Catholic church moved in to take advantage with its laws and prohibitions ……. [sic] follow the money trail.
Then, rather than explain how ‘gay marriage’ could possibly be anything other than a legal, natural and moral absurdity, he asserts that “[t]he issue is medical and scientific and yet because it relates to sexuality the Roman stand pathetically brands it all as an evil.” Well, I’m not sure what to call something that tends to anal fissures and genital warts (not to mention A.I.D.S. and syphilis if one is particularly unlucky) other than an evil.

As for his unsubstantiated assertion that

85% of women in the 700-year period of the Middle Ages never experienced marriage, subject to the ancient Roman practice of consortium wherein a father leases/sells his daughter to another man for the purpose of childbearing; marriage existed for the royal and political families so as to assure proper blood succession
although it is noted in the Catholic Encyclopedia that

[t]he clandestine marriages which gradually came to be tolerated in the Middle Ages, as they lacked the formality of a public sanction by the Church, can be considered as a species of legitimate concubinage
it must be conceded nonetheless that things are not as straightforward as he might like us to think, as a cursory reading of the rest of the encyclopedia article would have informed him.

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Memorial of Alfred the Great, 2008 A.D.

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