Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the rubbish being peddled at Catholica Australia


Are you tempted sometimes to think that perhaps Catholica Australia is basically just a benign forum for greying, ‘highly educated’, ‘forward-thinking’ Catholics to let off a bit of steam? Distracted, perhaps, by seemingly innocent articles like that by Dr. Ian Elmer that “looks at the inner spiritual and life journey through comparison with the popular television series Star Trek” (not that they’re stuck in 1965 or anything)? Well read Mr. (Fr.?) Tom McMahon’s latest piece and think again. In it, he writes that

The people of God have been sorely cheated by so called bishop educators who continue to claim direct decendence [sic] from Jesus (that bogus Last Supper ordination) and a magic power of salvation in ordained clerics
So Mr. McMahon appears to be of the opinion that the Institution of the Priesthood was a sham. And it appears that his objection to ‘womenpriests’ is based not on the ineligibility of women but on the inefficacy of the Sacrament even for men:

As to women being ordained priests I have a reservation. I have never considered myself a genuine priest of Jesus because a bishop laid hands on me in a Roman ordination; I have seen men ordained in ceremony and in no way did they change to be followers of our Christ. I have seen many ordinary people priest their lives in service to others and they wore no clerical collar or had no title; this I learned from my priest uncle and from the Worker Priests of Paris. People ask me today "Tom, are you still a priest?" and I smile responding "which kind of priest are you asking about?"
(italics in the original)
One can just imagine Mr. McMahon’s smug little smile.

Catholica Australia is toxic.

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of Ss. Ursula and Companions, Virgins, Martyrs, 2008 A.D.

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