Friday, October 3, 2008

Taxpayers to fund Sodomites' Parade,22049,24434051-5006009,00.html

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the N.S.W. Government, through its Events N.S.W. arm, will start funding the annual Gay Mardi Gras directly:

Government support [hitherto] has included help with policing and public transport, and financial exemptions.

The new funding arrangement, which follows months of negotiations, will involve taxpayer dollars going directly into the colourful parade for the first time.
Strangely, New Mardi Gras chair Mr. David Imrie says that the parade “is now going to be self-sustaining and grow. We are going to see higher production values now.” It needs government funding in order to be self-sustaining?! As for higher production values, that shouldn’t be too hard; anyone who has ever seen images from this ignoble parade will know how appalingly crass and tacky it is. (Which makes one wonder whence arose the stereotype that homosexuals have better taste than heterosexuals.)

As for how the mainstream commentators react to this, we can probably expect a deafening silence from those who were quick to savage government funding for WYD08. No doubt public funding for a festival of debauchery, celebrating the darkest recesses of human nature, will be fine by them. Government funding for the worship of God: big no-no. Government funding for the worship of Bacchus and Eros: no problems!

We shouldn’t really be too surprised at this development, though, since taxpayers have long been funding the Sodomites’ League through fronts like an organisation that laughingly calls itself the A.I.D.S. Council of N.S.W. (A.C.O.N.) One might have thought that an organisation commited to ending the A.I.D.S. pandemic would be doing everything it can to discourage sodomy and other ‘sexually diverse’ activities. Not so for A.C.O.N. And yet one of this organisation’s major sources of funding is an annual grant from N.S.W. Health (Annual Report, p. 42) and donations to it are tax deductible.

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Anonymous said...

taxpayer dollars going directly into the colourful parade for the first time.

But, Pole, it's so *colourful* - how could you possibly object?

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should fund their public executions.

+ Thomas Wolsey

Archieps. Eborac.