Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Text of present blog masthead, tag-line and sidebar tabs

Since I'm about to change them, I'll save in this blog post the text surrounding my blog posts:


Cardinal Pole's Blog on Church and State
Australian Catholic and secular news commentary from an uncompromisingly Traditional, arch-reactionary perspective

Comments are most welcome at this blog. Are you an outspoken Traditionalist who fears censorship at certain other blogs? Then this is the place for you. Usually I will delete comments only if they contain blasphemy or foul language.

But this blog is not a mere mutual admiration society either. You are also most welcome to comment if you disagree with me or have detected an error of fact or logic.

Comments are not moderated, so if you have made a comment on an older post then you might need to draw my attention to it.

Usually this blog is updated on Monday and several times during the week. This blog is not usually maintained over the weekend, so feel free to read my posts and make comments, but I shall not respond till Monday.

http://www.sspx.com.au/ (S.S.P.X. District of Australia home-page; Mass times and locations, Parish bulletins and useful Links section)
http://sspx.org/ (S.S.P.X. U.S. district home-page; excellent apologetical material)
http://www.sbbc.com.au/ (a Victoria-based stockist of Traditional literature)
http://coo-eesfromthecloisternovices.blogspot.com/ (Ecclesial humour blog)
http://www.billmuehlenberg.com/ (warning: Mr. Muehlenberg is a Protestant, apparently of a Fundamentalist persuasion, but he is usually spot on about social morality)
Reginald, Cardinal Pole

[portrait of Cardinal Pole]
(from the pretender Archbishop of Canterbury's website)
This blog is dedicated to the memory of

His late Eminence
The Most Reverend Father in God
Reginald of Canterbury
Cardinal Pole
Lord Archbishop of Canterbury
Papal Legate

Go to
for a brief sketch of his life


Reginaldvs Cantvar
Tuesday in the Octave of Pentecost, A.D. 2010

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