Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Request to readers (urgent): please visit and read the following post from MgS:

My dear readers, I’m asking you this little favour because MgS has posted (without warning me) a rejoinder to my “A Herald letter on “trans” matters” post in which she rages against me for “not just misquoting [her], but deliberately misunderstanding what [she wrote]” and my “intellectual dishonesty and typically circular reasoning”, and I fear that she will edit or remove the post once she receives the comment (which I’ll provide in just a moment) that I submitted, and I would like some witnesses to corroborate my version of events. You see, not only does MgS fail to prove that I have misquoted or misunderstood her, but, hilariously, she even reinforces the very point that I am supposed to have misquoted and misunderstood! And so I suspect that, if she receives my comment but does not read this post (if she reads this post she won’t fulfill my prediction, so as not to lose face), she will delete at least the following portion of her pathetic, self-defeating attempt at a smack-down because it only reinforces my point about G.I.D. and feelings (N.B. this time the quotation is her own words, and a full paragraph, so she can’t accuse me of misrepresentation):

Clinical delusion is quite distinct from the symptoms that are descriptive of delusion. Particularly key is recognizing that transsexuals are usually very, very aware of the reality of their situation. They fully understand that their biology is at odds with their emotional sense of themselves.
So there we have it: ‘feelings’, “emotional sense of themselves”, call it what you will, but whatever it is, it doesn’t justify the destruction of an entire system—and a perfectly healthy system at that—of the body. I must warn you though, my readers: as one might expect from a gutter-, nay sewer-level secularist such as MgS there is a foul-mouthed, indecent-looking YouTube link embedded at the end of her post, so make sure to avoid it. (Nice to be perfectly clear about what sort of a person you are though, MgS.)

Now here is the comment that I submitted to her just before writing this post:


It would've been fair, courteous of you to let me know that you were going to write this so that I could respond (as I've done for you in the past, even when you've blocked me from the combox) but, as I've said on another occasion, I know to expect neither fairness (a metaphysical concept) nor courtesy (too bourgeois, I suppose) from you.

"... not just misquoting me, but deliberately misunderstanding what I write"

I didn't misquote you (as it says in the very quotation you provide!, it is a quotation, not your own words), and it is utterly preposterous of you to accuse me of misunderstanding you (let alone deliberately so), because as you say--in your own words this time--in this latest post,

"They fully understand that their biology is at odds with their emotional sense of themselves."
(my emphasis)


"his intellectual dishonesty and typically circular reasoning"

Hilarious!!!! All you have done in this new post is to reinforce the point I made in my own post! And where, precisely, is the dishonesty and circular reasoning?!

(Obviously I don't expect you to publish this comment--I know how delicate your ego is--but you're always welcome to comment at my own blog, and, as always, uncensored.)
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On the plus side, though, she links directly to my blog, and she now has a “Cardinal Pole” blog post category label! I’m famous!!!!!!! (I little suggestion though, MgS: you might want to change the label to “Cardinal Pole (Australian blogger)” just in case you happen to blog about the real Cardinal Pole one day.)

Reginaldvs Cantvar
Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church, A.D. 2009


Cardinal Pole said...

Note to self: MgS's post seemed unchanged at the time of this comment.

matthias said...

comment to her"
I find cardinal pole to be intellectually honest,rigourous and has integrity for a young man of 24. I find you to be rude,crude and bitter"

Anonymous said...

This was a gem:

I figured Pole was somewhere in his twenties. He still thinks he has all the answers.Are you such a sweet young thing, then, Pole? How delightful!

Well, I'm nearly forty and I *know* I have all the answers!

matthias said...

Pride comes before a fall. I nearly wrote over there "may your chooks turn to emus and knock your dunny door down" but realised that she being a Canadian, would need a translation-ergo a babel fish perhaps??-,whereas a Pom would udnerstand a lot quicker

matthias said...

and I meant Mgs being proud and for a fall and not you Louise. Besides being a parent the job description also says must know as much as possible or even more. Hence we get the great wall been built to keep the rabbits out/ And I wrote over there after i read her retort to me ,what i stated above about emus,chooks and outhouses.
I am getting crabby ,and i usually like Canucks,

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud, I didn't think you could possibly be speaking to me, Matthias!

Cardinal Pole said...

Thanks for your support, Louise and Matthias, particularly you, Matthias, for your comment--"rude,crude and bitter" sums up MgS's post well (though usually she is not quite as crude as she is with that YouTube link; I was a bit surprised at that because, perhaps surprisingly for a secularist, she usually doesn't resort to obscenities).

"Are you such a sweet young thing, then, Pole?"

True (the bit about being twenty-four, not necessarily the "sweet" bit!).

And we'll see whether MgS publishes your "emus,chooks and outhouses" comment, Matthias! (It's not been published as of the time of this comment.)

P.S. Louise I left another comment at that post on the Divine origin of the State.

Cardinal Pole said...

P.P.S. Matthias, I was amused to see the term that you coined at Louise's blog recently--'pooftofascism'! On the topic of fascism and sodomites, check out this discussion board thread:

matthias said...

She still has'nt cardinal .so here is what i wrote,since she can quote the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of the American Psych Association but can't publish an Australian colloqialism

"May your chooks turn to emus and knock your dunny door down-preferably with you in it.for a translation get a macquarie" There MgS i cna use fowl language too!!

Anonymous said...

Pole, are not the folk at Angelqueen a bit on the schismatic side? Or is that the exception? It's been a while since I visited there.

matthias said...

You are certainly bang on the nail about MgS Pole,decries Christian fundamentalism but she exhibits all the trappings of a secular fundamentalist.Reminds me of Siddha jacky who haunted Schutz's former blog site for a week

Cardinal Pole said...


you asked

"Pole, are not the folk at Angelqueen a bit on the schismatic side?"

I wouldn't say so; in fact, there has been a recent crackdown on anyone even insinuating that the Holy Father might be an heretic and, as the conditions for becoming a registered user indicate, sedevacantists are not welcome there. I visit the site each day and comment occasionally. And even if one is not an S.S.P.X. supporter, A.Q. is still a good place for the Traditionally-minded to discuss Catholic matters and keep well-informed about Church happenings.


"There MgS i cna use fowl language too!!"

Ha ha ha!

Cardinal Pole said...

"each day" I'm on-line, that is.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear about AQ. I may check it out again.