Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to set your child up for a life of degradation

Step 1: name her after a ‘porn star’:

Confused about what to name her daughter, Lauren McIntyre left the name up to her husband, Jamie, when they had their girl Holly in April. "There was a television show we watched all the time Girls in the Playboy Mansion and he named her after one of them," Mrs McIntyre, of Cowra, said.,22049,24203550-5001021,00.html

Still, the article wasn’t all bad news:

It can now be revealed that the names John and Mary have been the most popular names for newborns in NSW since the first birth more than 230 years ago.
Reginaldvs Canvar

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Anonymous said...

How to set yourself up for a lifetime of no friends..... Step 1. Create a blog like this one...