Monday, August 11, 2008

'Separating faith from medicine' ... and from basic humanity

The Sydney Morning Herod had a profile on Saturday of Dr. Rosanna Capolingua, the A.M.A. (doctors' union) boss. In a little side-column entitled 'Separating faith from medicine' Dr. Capolingua, purportedly a Catholic, offered the usual hand-wringing over abortion. The reporter asked what Dr. Capolingua would do if a patient requested referral to an abortionist, and she answered

"I would assist the patient and appropriately counsel them in making the right decision." Later [adds the reporter], she admits she would help a woman obtain an abortion, if that was the "right decision"."

That's a nice, weaselly little way to put it, a disclaimer worthy of the craven 'as far as God's Law allows' that the English Lords Spiritual appended to their cave-in to Henry VIII's usurping of ecclesial headship.

Dr. Capolingua goes on to say that:

"You learn to understand how people end up in situations, how life evolves for them. Life is just life. When someone comes to me, they are looking for help, non-judgmental help. I would rather we used better contraception. I advocate condoms and all of the other options, rather than put a woman in that terrible situation."

"Life is just life"!!! "how life evolves for them"!!! What is this?! How bewildering! Surely abortion is either the self-interested murder of a totally defenceless human being, and therefore one of the most monstrous crimes imaginable, or it is not, and is just an optional medical procedure, to be evaluated on its medical merits, and not a 'terrible situation' at all. So which is it, Dr. Capolingua? Are you an accomplice to this 'terrible situation', or merely a technician providing a morally neutral service? Until you decide, please, don't call yourself a Catholic.

Reginaldvs Cantvar


Anonymous said...

Life is just life.

Except for the butchered babies.

She obviously has no understanding of the Faith at all.

Cardinal Pole said...

"Life is just life.

Except for the butchered babies"

Sad but true. As far as I am concerned, to be pro-contraception is to cease to be Catholic, but to be pro-abortion is virtually to cease to be human.