Monday, August 11, 2008

Paschal Mystery or Sacrifice of Calvary?

Mr. Louie Verrecchio's 'Harvesting the Fruit' column on Vatican II continues in the Catholic Weekly, part of the mainstream-conservative effort to hold up the true teachings of the Council against the purported 'spirit of Vatican II'. O how I look forward to him addressing Dignitatis Humanæ ...

In yesterday's column he listed some of the lamentable post-Conciliar Sanctuary 're-orderings' and compares them with what the Council really said. But one paragraph seems to me rather incongruous:

"The crucifix in some places has yielded to the so-called "Cross of the Risen Christ"; a fanciful blend of Cross, Resurrection, Ascension and Parousia that turns the historical reality of Christ's suffering and death into an image worthy of its four letter acronym."

Now I can conjure all too easily the image of what he is talking about; a certain new Church in the Diocese of Wollongong has a decidedly totem-pole-like carving with 'Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again' inscribed, in place of a Crucifix (in fact, this Church has just about the entire range of post-Conciliar 're-orderings'--obscured Tabernacle, designed 'in the round', you know what I mean).

But isn't this strange blend of events supposed to be central to the New Mass? Isn't the New Mass all about the whole 'Paschal Mystery' rather than just the Mystical Immolation of the Lamb of God? The 'Cross of the Risen Christ' seems to me to be suited quite well to the New Mass.

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