Monday, August 25, 2008

Where do they find these people?

A deeply confusing article appeared in The Sydney Morning Herod on Saturday, involving an interview with a “lesbian nun” of the self-styled Reformed Catholic Church. Now, this organization is not a Protestant Revolt-era schismatic sect, but was in fact

founded in 2000 by the Reverend Robert Allmen, a former Catholic priest, [and] is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has communities in 25 US states as well as in Africa, Asia, Europe, Mexico and Australia.

Led now by Bishop Phillip Zimmerman, the church follows Catholic doctrine but welcomes gays and lesbians. It also allows its clergy to be single, gay, married or divorced.
In other words, this sect offers no-holds-barred cafeteria Catholicism, even to the extent that a ‘postulant’ for the ‘order of St. Benedict’, the “lesbian nun” Meg Britton in this report, may pick and choose which vows to take!

The Benedictines observe silence, charity and chastity. But Britton has declined to take the vow of chastity.
Two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose but … she’s giving an interview—she’s breaking her vow of silence!

But apparently this woman is not only a nun but a clergywomen:

"My partner supports me but she doesn't feel that she is called into the clergy," says Britton. "She has always said 'you're the pastor, I'm just the pastor's wife'."
More confusion abounds in the question of this sect’s denominational identity:

Since then, they have founded the St Flora Anglican Mission Parish on acreage in the Glasshouse Mountains.
So, are they Anglicans or Catholics? But I suppose that’s not a very diversity-celebrating thing for me to ask.

Naturally, there is a significance to the choice of Patroness:

Last year, she established the St Flora Mission. It is one of only two Reformed Catholic Church communities in Australia - the other is in Brisbane - and is named after the patron saint of the abandoned.
But it was this woman who abandoned her husband and Christ’s Church! Speaking of her husband, despite the acceptance of her children for her sexual disorder, “[o]nly her husband had mixed reactions”! I suspect that’s something of an understatement!

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Louise said...

Good grief!

And under it all is the assumption that "I have the right to be happy at everyone else's expense."

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!

I read the article and saw this lady's photo. What a pathetic joker she is!

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