Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fr. Black’s Newsletter


The August 2008 Newsletter for the S.S.P.X. District of Australia from Rev. Fr. Edward Black F.S.S.P.X. is now available on-line. I draw your attention to the following portions:

… Bishop Fellay has asked that a perpetual Rosary Crusade be launched. The intention this time is that the “excommunication” of our four bishops incurred on the day of their consecration twenty years ago should now be lifted. Unlike the previous Spiritual Bouquet a specific number of rosaries is not requested but rather that five decades be recited daily for this intention.

Here in Australia the Crusade will officially begin on the first day of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, although of course, we may start immediately. In practice, we should make up our minds to recite the rosary daily, at a specific time if possible. If we already say the rosary each day we may offer this or recite an additional five decades for the intention of the Crusade …
I commend this initiative to all friends of Tradition, and remind you of what happened after the last offering of an S.S.P.X. Rosary Bouquet:

Our Lady was not slow to hear our prayers, for merely six months later, the Pope issued his now-famous Motu Proprio which, although not entirely unexpected, was astonishingly generous in its terms when one considers the incredibly severe restrictions on the celebration of the Mass which had preceded it.
These are exciting times for Traditionalists.

Reginaldvs Cantvar

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