Monday, September 22, 2008

On the moral fibre of people and of pigs

A couple of letters to The Sydney Morning Herod’s Good Weekend magazine last Saturday expressed disgust at a previous issue’s story on pig shooting. I could not help but compare the sentiments displayed to the kind of sentiments that one might hope that open-slather abortion would evoke. One reader said that

[u]ltimately, the article could be seen as an argument for the moral superiority of pigs over humans

But I would have thought that the fact that pigs do not attempt, as far as I know, to kill their young in utero for reasons of inconvenience to provide a stronger argument. Ironically, the readers seemed particularly aggrieved at the cruelty to little piglets:

Or even worse, shoot a piglet not much bigger than a hand.

What about some of the obscene abortion methods used against babies who are not much bigger than a hand? The same reader concluded by saying that

[i]t is so wrong that we allow some in our society to indulge their most base urge to destroy.

Hear, hear. So how much longer will we indulge the abortionists as they refine the techniques invented by Nazi physicians like Mengele?

Now I have no problem with people protesting against cruelty to animals. I just wish that more people could see the sickening symmetry here.

Reginaldvs Cantvar

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