Friday, September 12, 2008


This blog is not usually maintained over the weekend. Feel free to read my posts and make comments, but I shall not respond till Monday. Enjoy your weekend,

Reginaldvs Cantvar


Zoe Brain said...

Likewise, your Eminence, may your weekend be peaceful.

I look forward to your views on Intersex and Transsexual issues, at your convenience.

And if you know of any authority that may give er, an authoritative answer, I'd be most grateful if you could pass the message on. I've been unable to find much in the magisterium, and queries to Bishops etc have remained unanswered with one exception.

Anyway, God Bless.

Cardinal Pole said...


I'm back and, after I make a few posts, I'll look at the literature.

Let me say firstly, though, that my original post was concerned chiefly with transsexuals, not intersex persons. In her article Ms Horin chose, quite deliberately I imagine, to take as her poster-children a man who had three children before his operation, so clearly there was no question of him being intersexed, and a woman who refused to have an hysterectomy, implying that she was not intersex either. Note, however, that I use the term 'intersex' advisably since I am convinced that there must be some biological basis for maleness or femaleness, regardless of whatever hormonal, anatomical or psychological problems may arise. I am convinced of this, not on faith i.e. it's not going to provoke a crisis of faith in me if it could be shown otherwise, but because surely sex is in the chromosomes. Where else?!?

As to your question about whom to ask for a Magisterial clarification, you could submit a dubium to the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. You would need to couch your submission in such language as to allow for only a yes or no answer. The C.D.F.'s address is available on-line.

Cardinal Pole said...

In the second paragraph, it should say 'advisedly', not 'advisably'. Oops.