Monday, September 8, 2008

Governor-GeneralWatch: let the games begin

So Her Excellency Ms. Quentin Bryce A.C. has been sworn in as Governor-General. Now I know that an inaugural speech of this sort is an occasion for platitudes, but I have to single out this statement and ask you, my readers, whether this bears any correspondence to reality:
Our growing capacity to balance tradition with renewal is a sure and uplifting sign of our standing as a sophisticated and highly functional civilised society and member of the global community," she said
Meanwhile, it seems that Mr. Rudd has big plans for Ms Bryce:

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said Ms Bryce would bring a "very special touch" to the vice-regal office as he hinted she would be given a more prominent public profile than her predecessor. "Your excellency, you will share moments of great triumph with the people of Australia and you will be there in the most difficult of times."
(my emphasis)
Well, I say: bring it on Mr. Rudd. I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on how the final chapter in the story of Australia’s constitutional monarchy is going to unfold.

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Schütz said...

Many newspapers, such as The Age, commented on what she was wearing:

"A military guard of honour snapped to attention and Australia's governor-general designate, Quentin Bryce, alighted, startling in purple.

"Feminist purple, various fashionistas declared, and perhaps it was because this woman, who has championed women's rights for much of her 65 years, was about to become Australia's first female governor-general."

"Feminist purple"? I thought it looked more like "royal blue"...

Cardinal Pole said...

Interesting ... Ms Bryce's 'feminist purple' and Mr. Rudd's socialist scarlet would seem to evoke certain Apocalyptic connotations ...